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    Riley Egret

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    • By Kennix
      Org: Quantum Jump Medical
      Specialization: Medical (combat and non-combat)
      Commitment: Casual
      Role Play: Optional 
      Main Language: English
      Region/Timezone: PST-EST
      Operation Times: Mainly Nights and Weekends but always around
      Do you find satisfaction in helping others? Consider joining the home grown community here at Quantum Jump Medical.
           Quantum Jump Medical (QJM) is the largest dedicated medical and emergency services org with capabilities ranging from simple ISC placement and quick injury fixes, to complete medical support during a full out war.
           Founded by Spectre Ziegler in 2016, QJM has never lost focus on the mission; providing emergency services to whomever needs it. No fluff and no bluff, QJM is medical to the core. We have seen other medical orgs come and go as well as branch out into more of a freelance style org, but a jack-of-all trades is a master of none... and that's what sets us apart. 
           QJM has affiliated with nearly 100 organizations to provide them an invaluable service, keeping them healthy so they can focus on their mission without worry. ATMO Esports exclusively relies on our ability at Quantum Jump Medical to show up and do our job well in order for them to host their amazing content for their viewers without the hiccups and headaches that usually come with injuries or deaths.
           With patch 3.15 incoming and bringing us to the new horizon of medical gameplay, we are opening our doors to all prospects who feel QJM is home for them. 
      Activity will be ramping up with training as well as working with affiliated orgs and that means we have a wide range of openings within QJM.
      If you have any questions, please join our Discord.
      RSI Page
    • By Space Marshall Mick
      ....but I went ahead and logged out in the Aurora-Pathfinder I rented while doing a mission on Daymar (Sensitive Shipment) and now I think it's why I cannot get back into the game. Even when I managed to get the game loading, it still crashes back to the title screen after 10-15-20 minutes of loading. Would anybody like to advise me on how to go about fixing this? 
    • By Space Marshall Mick
      Not that I can find the exact information anywhere in my account, I believe I backed this game at the tier of Space Marshall (Hence my username!) if there is or was such a tier sometime in 2013, I think and purchased the Anvil F7C-S Ghost Hornet package. I came here looking for help because, I cannot currently get my game going. I have had numerous problems trying to launch the game and right now it just keeps crashing to the title menu. Which is something the game hasn't done before the 3.14 patch. I used to have no problems launching the game. Although I have always had game crashes. I 'd also like to know if there is a Free Flight Event this weekend and if so, then maybe that's why I can't get in, because every server is full.  Perhaps...,but I'm also looking for the official Star Citizen forums when I found this one. Please give me link to that one if you can.
    • By Bread Baguette
      Specialization: Galactic Industrial Empire/ Get your space hustle on!
      Commitment: Casual/Regular/Hardcore/Other
      Role Play: No
      Main Language: English
      Region/Timezone: NA / EU / UK
      Operation/Event Times: Typically Fridays -Sunday evening
      Other essential info:
      We've got the passion!
      We have a growing UK/EU Member Count!
      We have a solid community doctrine
      80+ ships for the upcoming Org garage and COUNTING!
      We built an Org charter that doesn't get in your way!
      Our gameplay is built by your ideas.
      Org Structure exists to Support NOT govern! Maximizes gameplay!
      Upcoming weekly events! Giveaways!
      Badass Special Forces PvP division = THE CRIMSON GUARD
      Zero Tolerance for drama environment!
      New Players, O. G. Gamers and Armed Forces welcomed! o7!
      WEBSITE: https://www.galacticresourceindustries.org/
      DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Wz4AJ22hSs
      RSI PAGE: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/GRIS
    • By Lucius Siccius
      Good morning,
      I am Lucius_Siccius founder and head diplomat for MORTEM SOLIS.
      We founded this organization seeing the necessity of having long lasting relationships with fellow like minded relationships within Star Citizen. The ships, the events, streams and all the flair are great but we believe the game will be won in boardrooms and around negotiation tables. We all are experienced Star Citizen players that have been part of the development of the game for quite some time now, and created this organization taking the best of our experiences with previous groups we were part of before. And adding that outreach we think is very much needed for groups to thrive truly in the game.
      Fortunately even though we just started our efforts a little over a week ago, we have a very solid relationship with organizations, content creators, developers & even sponsors like GameGlass and others that are at your disposal as well if you think that they will benefit the advancement of our diplomatic relationship. 
      Is a pleasure meeting you, to be part of this awesome site and to be considered as a valuable part of your efforts. Our doors are open for ambassadors to join our server and chat about future instances in which we can collaborate and have fun in the 'verse.
      Please be safe out there, and hope to chat soon.
      Guilded server: https://www.guilded.gg/r/zz7EAgk3XR?i=o4P16yad
      RSI Profile: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/MORTEM

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