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Professions - Guilds & Earning Badges

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A bunch of good info in this video (many picked up on the F8 Lightning news - but much more is in it).   A big thing that will define the game is Professions and Guilds + earning Badges.  CR has talked about it before but has not elaborated to this degree on it.... which also highlights how important S42 will be towards your starting Rep in the PU.

See about 16:20m into vid.


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    • By Zelix-Xzavior
      (FFK)Fleet of The Faithful Knights
      The holy Knight has long since been forgotten for 1,500 years, For centuries the Holy Order of Knights had dedicated themselves to the safe passage of pilgrims to the Holy Land. They protected the travelers from thieves, robbers, and entire enemy armies. They were elite holy warriors. They dedicated their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to this cause. Through force, they brought peace and security to the land.
      Now, in the year 2949, the Holy Order of Knights has once again risen to combat the ever rising threat of the Vanduul, and of Pirates, that plague this universe. The Fleet of the Faithful Knights is a beacon of light in a dark verse - and we are growing in numbers daily. Do you have the strength and bravery to be a Faithfull Knight? A Faithful Knight is truly a fearless warrior that will NEVER shy away from battle. If you are Honorable, you will welcome us. If you are also Brave, then you will wish to join us. And, if you are an enemy of the pure, the righteous, and the kind, then YOU WILL FEAR US.
      We are looking for Fleet gunners, fighter squadron pilots, bombers, fleet operations leaders, traders/merchants to help generate capital to operate our fleet, explorers, military scouts, industrial (miners, salvage, science, agriculture), and support roles to help with medical/triage, refueling, and repair. Whatever your gameplay style is, we have it and need your help. You will have the protection of the Fleet of the Faithful Knights and will be a member of a truly powerful organization that has one mission: To be a beacon of light in a dark verse, and crush the darkness wherever it hides.
      For all new members. Please join us in our Discord and some game play as we consider your application.
      Join our Discord here: https://discordapp.com/invite/KZXtaDV Our website: Faithfulknights.com Rsi Org. page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/FFK

      Recruiter: Zelix-Xzavior
    • By Th3 Warm0ng3r
      As this position can be seen in all three of the current subdivisions of Professions, I thought it should have it's own tab to deal with commanding multi-crew ships as well as strike groups, squadrons, battle groups and the like. There is plenty to discuss here, and if it comes to larger orgs I am sure this can be considered a profession on its own considering the complexity of managing multiple ships both capital and strike craft and understanding space combat ect. On the smaller side discussing the ability of commanders in ships like the Reclaimer, Starfarrer and even the Constellation would make this a rather larger sub thread if created. There is plenty of theory crafting I have on tactics and abilities.
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      I think this is a complete list of jobs in Star Citizen, are there any more?
    • By Varitas

          How We Operate   Over the past decade of gaming XoO has learned what it takes to win, teamwork and communication. As such we've sought to facilitate these aspects in everything our members do. By putting each member of our organization into a squad, we ensure that everyone has someone to play with during their prime time and that each individuals efficiency is increased. MMO's are meant to be played together and our job is to make sure our members are doing just that.

      With that said, the flexibility we offer makes sure that each individual is specializing in what they want to focus on while having the freedom to do different jobs each time they log in so that nothing gets tedious or boring. 

        Current Recruitment Needs   Subject to change on a regular basis. 

      XoO is currently seeking both EU and AUS individual(s) to lead during those timezones and to assist with recruitment. We also encourage smaller guilds in any time zone to join as a group. Positions for capable squad leaders are also open.
      Onslaught Navy Fighter Pilots [High]
      Anti-Capital Ship [High]
      Capital Ship [High]

      Crew Members -
      Marines [High]
      Engineering [High]
      XenTec Mining [High]
      Industry [High]
      Exploration [High]

      The goal of Xenonomics is to engage in trade and increase our reputation with the various alien races, in particular the Banu and any Vanduul faction that could be persuaded to trade with us, in order to give our organization an edge in terms of income, influence and access to rare, high quality alien ships that will not cost you an arm or a leg.

      We are not here to do pussy runs in High Security space. Our runs will take us into Low Security space, Unexplored space and Alien territory where the threat of an attack by pirates, an opposing Vanduul faction or a hostile organization is very real. 
    • By Alaris
      What does everyone think? And are there missing ships?
      Trade & Industry
      Combat Ops
      Exploration Light:           Aurora ES, Aurora LX, 315p
      Exploration Mid-Long:    Freelancer, Constellation, Retaliator (mod needed), Zeus, Carrack, 890 Jump

      Light Fighting:                Aurora MR, Aurora LN, 300i, 315p, 325a, F7a Hornet, Avenger, Mustang, Gladius
      Medium Fighting:           F7c, Link(bomber), Voids(bomber), Cutlass
      Heavy Fighting:             F7c-M Super, Gladiator, Retaliator(bomer)
      Stealth:                          F7c-s Ghost
      Tracking:                       F7c-r Tracker
      Training:                        Avenger Trainer
      Light Cargo:                 Aurora CL, Aurora LX, 315p, Gladiator, F7c Hornet
      Medium Cargo:            Cutlass, Freelancer, Retaliator (30 t), T-XIII
      Heavy Cargo:               Constellation, Starfarer, Banu Merchantman, Mover Transport, Tomahawks, Caterpillar
      Short Range Cargo:    Aurora CL, 315p, Gladiator, F7c Hornet
      Mid Range Cargo:       Cutlass, T-XIII, Aurora LX,
      Long Range Cargo:     Freelancer, Constellation, Starfarer, Retaliator, Banu Merchantman, Mover Transport, Tomahawks

      Scouting:                     Avenger, 325a, 350r, M50, Cutlass, Xi-An Scout, Khartu
      Pirates:                        Cutlass, Freelancer, Constellation, Caterpillar
      Bounty Hunter:            Avenger, Freelancer, Constellation, Cutlass
      Racing:                       350r, M50
      Information Runner:    315p, Aurora LX, Avenger, Herald
      Search & Rescue:      Starfarer, Cutlass     
      Diplomacy:                 Freelancer, Caterpillar, Constellation, Starfarer, Banu
      Boarding:                   Crawler, Caterpillar
      Salvage:                     315p, Cutlass, Gladiator(10t), Retaliator, Starfarer(72t), Surveyor
      Smuggling:                Caterpillar, Freelancer, Constellation, Cutlass, Hull C
      Passanger/Taxi:         Freelancer, Cutlass, Constellation, Retaliator (mod needed), 890 Jump
      Resources:                Starfarer(gas), Harvester Carrier(all), Surveyor(salvage), Orion(mining), Harvester(mining), Spider-shaped industrial- 
                                         -mining tool
      Colinization:             Artemis
      Living Quarters:        Cutlass, Freelancer, Constellation, Retaliator (mod needed)

      Support Fleet:          Cutlass, Constellation, Retaliator, Starfarer, Vanduul Scythe, P-52 Merlin, Panther Escort Carrier, Escort carrier
      Fleet Ships:              Idris, Idris-p, Javelin Destroyer, Bengal Class Carrier, Escort Carrier, Kingship, Hunter Destroyer, Xi’An Oracle Class Carrier,
                                       Destroyer(Biggest purchasable ship in the game), Mauler Cruiser
      MultiFunction:          Constellation,
      No idea: Buccaneer, Torch, X-7, Fiera, Cestus, Cruiser, Raider, Dropship, Utility Ship
      *List below donated by Valenquo, only ships used from ship stats page on RSI website.
      10 to 25 meters:      The fighters. (one or two pilots, versatile, often adaptable) Fighter Class
                                     Includes all variants: Aurora Series, 300 Series, m50, Hornet Series, Avenger, Vanduul Scythe, Gladiator, p-52 Merlin, Herald,
                                                                     : Mustang, Qhire Khartu-al
      29 to 50 meters:      The small ships (Freelancer and Cutlass - Small enough to 1-2 crew but large enough for advanced operations) Small Ship Class
                                       : Cutlass, Freelancer,
      55 to 80 meters:      The multi-role ships (great for small crews and general mission platforms - the flag ship of most group) Medium Ship Class
                                       :Caterpillar, Retaliator, Constellation, 890 Jump, Carrack, Orion, Surveyor
      90 to 225 meters:    The Haulers ( small crew, lots of value transported) Large Ship Class
                                        :starfarer, Hull C, Merchantman,
      240 meters and up: The Capital ships (large crew, lots of offence and defense, heavy in logistics) Capital Ship Class
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