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Stellaris: Apocalypse Trailer

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    • By Chimaera
      This is awesome, great how this company calls out all companies at E3 for their bullshit.
    • By Doopsums
      The storied history of the long term rivals in the League of the Rocket, Team Blue and Team Orange, have been battling for the hotly contested and highly coveted "Championship" since "The League" was formed back in the mid 2015's. You will find below the official match recording, provided via the LNN (League News Network), of the most recent highly competitive and extremely close games. This record highlights a best of three (Standard League Championship Format) series that decides the 2 teams final standings in the Championship series for Q1 of 2016. 
      Tempers flared, distractions were present, the smack talking was real, and a down to the wire finish proves that the these two teams still have the best yet to come.
      Rosters/Spectators - League Copyrighted(Form C - 2.1.a)
      Team Blue Team Formation(D-M-F): .25-.75-1(Dynamic Rotation) @rimmer59 - Defender/Midfielder @Doopsums - Midfielder/Forward Team Orange Team Formation(D-M-F): .66-.66.66(Role Focused) @Switch - Sweeper/Midfielder @missionAvs - Midfielder/Striker Spectators @Colossal - Season Ticket Holder: Team Orange Fan @Trophias - Season Ticket Holder: Team Blue Fan @SnowOwl - Single Game Ticket: Hopes for relocation of Team Blue of F.L to Team Purple of L.A.  *-LNN -* 
      *This has been an official public annoucement from LNN. LNN Inc. reserves the right to edit, delete, or change any content produced.*
      Don't forget to like, comment, or subscribe if you enjoyed the video!
    • By Psychopath
      Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Announcement Trailer


      i love these types of games so much, conspiracies, cybernetic augmentations, future world like ghost in the shell.

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