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I am able to overclock mine to 4.6 with air cooler. With your AIO cooler you can go higher. (First time I ever overclock anything)

Micro Center are my go to store. They will match online store price (newegg and amazon) + you also get any rebait if any.


The bad part is that you do have to pay tax :(



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I agree.  Talk to the Microcenter guys about their ship dates and be prepared to get there early for your card.  Cryptocurrency miners are sucking up any GPU they can get.  $1200 is overpriced by about 40% compared to their previous price.  You will be paying a premium for it, though.

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I recommend Arctic Cooling products, like these, all are some of the quietest in the industry:

Freezers (Liquid 240 and 360) plus air coolers

If anybody gets an AMD GPU, I recommend Arctic Cooling solutions as well. I have this particular product in my Air 540



how much air does one of their Arctic F12 PWM fans move?


for GPUs, I recommend checking EVGA's b-stocK pages for a GTX-1080ti

B-Stock Products are units which may have small scratches, small dents, or noticeable use. B-Stock products are Factory Recertified to meet the performance and reliability of a new product of the same model. B-Stock products do not come with any optional accessories and only include the accessories required to use the product as listed below.

Included Accessories with B-Stock items:
Motherboard: I/O Shield
Power Supply: Power Cables
Graphics Card: No Accessories
Other Devices: No Accessories

All B-Stock products include a 1 Year Limited Warranty. 

B-Stock wednesday deals

And one other thing, want to get a great deal on an EVGA power supply? Take their power supply needs test. I got a 50% off coupon to buy a power supply AND a mouse.

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6 minutes ago, Lakota said:

I read somewhere micro center will sell you a gpu for msrp if it's for gaming and not mining.

I read that too, haven't tried it nor have I heard of anybody else trying it but did find a few articles on it


It might be that if you only buy one or two then they do it, who knows if they actually ask people and limit the amount which can be purchased

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2 hours ago, Lakota said:

I read somewhere micro center will sell you a gpu for msrp if it's for gaming and not mining.

This is true, if you want 1-2 GPUs, normal price, if you want 3+ GPU's they consider you a crypto-currency miner and charge the insane prices to discourage the purchase. MC wants enthusiasts to buy their products, not miners.

2 hours ago, Gallitin said:

I have all the parts except my video card, still trying to locate a 1080ti.

look here at EVGA B-stock for the GTX1080ti

sadly, they seem to be sold out for both b-stock and normal sale 1080ti GPUs. That being said, their normal sales are here 

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Oh nice, yeah that's 45 minutes away from me, going to head over and pick one up then.  

There are 3 available at my store, any reason one is better than the other?  All within $50 of each of other in price.  

This is the one I'm leaning towards - http://www.microcenter.com/product/478222/GeForce_GTX_1080_Ti_GAMING_X_11GB_GDDR5X_Video_Card




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8 minutes ago, Gallitin said:

There are 3 available at my store, any reason one is better than the other? 

tech being relative, see if MC doesn't allow you to compare side by side

check number/type of outlet ports. also look at the power consumption


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Just finished getting it all built.  Turned off old computer to rob the 970TI, haven't ever cracked the case. 

The thing is so dirty I just can't put it in the new one :)

Going to hit all the local places tomorrow to see if I can find anything.  Worst case they do have a normal 8gig 1080 in stock I assume will do the job for now until the TI stock catches up.

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9 minutes ago, Gremlich said:

canned air and q-tips will do the trick.

Hah yeah, ended up getting a regular 1080 today at Micro Center, the MSI Gaming X.  

Just got the computer booted up, guess it's doing alright selected the extreme overclock setting and says it's at 5ghz.  Not sure on temps or anything outside of the bios, still installing a bunch of stuff.

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Something is still not right with my m2 drive though.  I just unzipped a 50mb file and it was processing at less than 1mb per second.  My old normal SSD was way faster at processing this.  Guessing it's a setting but not finding much Googling yet.

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I would first start with updating the bios on the board, most manufacturers have made this a painless process. 99% of motherboards shipped are revision 1.0 and in turn have the first bios version written for that board. If you search the manufacturer website I bet you find there have been several newer revisions made for your board. 

Also, give this a look. http://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/product/consumer/960evo/  Did you install the drivers from this site?

According to the forum post linked above, the board supports m.2 PCI, which the 960 evo is, so that's likely not the issue.

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