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This is a military hardcore crew who seeks to new member to help them in there campaigns across the galaxies. As star citizen is still a pre-alpha game ; I am ware of the amount of new people in star citizen and I would like to invite them along as well. They will be trained to be some amazing pilots who are ready for anything. Let the star's guide you through the darkness; SBSC is waiting. I've got a polaris, merchantment, and a couple dog fighters to start, so please let me know if you are interested in joining.



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On 1/11/2018 at 5:02 PM, rain2reign said:

Welcome to the community! :D

Out of curiosity, what does your org do or stand for? I mean in the sense like, mainly dogfighting, marine combat or combination of various things. :)

Great question and the answer is combination both with a little more marine combat than dog fighting, but still a good amount of dog fighting.

My main thing is that with this combination; I would also like to say that I know how being a new member of the community is and I am willing to work with newer players as well. I am flexible towards newer players, especially since we are still a while away from release. Everyone is welcome, but I am just letting the new players know that I am flexible towards teaching new players.

And the SBSC stands for Skull and Bones Security Company

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    • By Kric
      Welcome to Skull and Bones Security Company (SBSC)
      This is a military style crew that specialize in both Security and Bounty Hunting. SBSC is a looking forward to be an active member of the verse. I appeal to everyone so please don't worry about skill level. We will work to get you to a level of hardcore pvp.  As I am a new member to this forums that does not mean that I am any less knowledgeable of this game and what is going on in the verse. This a brand new crew that is looking to build up a good reputation in the verse. We are looking to get into capital ships, but for the time being; We have a polaris to lead our fleet. This organization is exclusive, so that I can make sure that everyone who joins SBSC is an active member. When you are accepted I will send you a pm with a discord link. 
      Our fleet:
      3 hornets
      5 Aurora
      As of right now we need crew for our ships :
      Ships we need:
      Cutlass Red
      Any Capital Ships 
      Anyone other ships not listed just may be useful to us. So please don't feel restricted by the ships we need because we still need crew members for the ships we already have. 
      Also, Remember Star Citizen is still in alpha, so right now the crew is building to be ready for day 1 of Star Citizen. So please don't feel like you have to be ready now for day 1. I understand that so please remember that skill level isn't a requirement. 
      Let SBSC guide you out of the darkness
      I will see you in the verse

    • By TrueCanadian89
      We are the Canadian task force alliance and we are looking for young and old citizens to join our ranks, we will provide some ships if you dont have a decent one yet. 
      Link to join our awesome ranks: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/CTFA 
      Discord: https://discord.gg/7srWhdy
    • By Wrathpole

      Temp Logo
      Fear my Photoshop powers.
      "The Best Defense Is A Good Offense."
      Admin: Wrathpole - Founder, Point of Contact, Crazy #$!@
      Playtime: 16:00 UTC to 03:00 UTC
      ----- ----- ----- ------ -----
      Mission: To Defend Imperium Assets, Interests, and Territory Through Any Means Necessary.
      Primary Roles:
      Secondary Roles:
    • By LeMecano7734
      Hey there pilots and freelancers!
      The Infidels are looking for new officers and recruiters for the Org. We are Regular gamers, which means we will be online at least 2 or 3 times a week for at least an hour. We will be simulating a bit of RP and following ranks and decorations. We will take part in security contracts and bounty hunting, since we are a Private Military Company.
      You don't need to have a big ship, a fighter is required at the very least. We look forward to aqcuire a Polaris as our Capital ship, or an Idris if the organisation grows in size.
      Let's bring the big guns!
       Join us on Teamspeak:can1.thegamemonsters.com:10004

    • By Uthrac
      Hello All!
      I was trying to help guide a new member to join Imperium and gave him this link:
      At which point one can click the JOIN US link and is sent to the following link
      He scrolled down and clicked on the bottom "JOIN US" button (literally at the bottom of the page) and all it did was reroute him to the top of the same page.  I think the hyperlink needs to be fixed so it brings the player to the Star Citizen base so they can register there and accomplish the test, right?
      There is also a link HOW TO JOIN on the same page.  Which is what one needs to click.  However the second "JOIN US" button on the bottom of the JOIN US page should probably be removed.