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Star Tours 30 Year Anniversary

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About 7-8 years ago I was unfortunate enough to get dragged to Disneyland for the first time since I was 4. My cousins are huge Star Wars fans, and this was one of the rides they wanted to go on multiple times, and in doing so I was given multiple chances to look at all the details Disney was presenting years before they purchased the IP.

What strikes me years later is that Star Tours actually fit itself so well into the universe of what Star Wars is. In reality it's a static roller coaster with a projection screen. In the universe of Star Wars though, it's a company that offers people living on planets that don't have the means to buy a star ship themselves a tour of some of the more dangerous and exciting parts of space all culminating in them eventually ending up in a combat zone where they shouldn't be. Something like that has to have been established in the Expanded Universe at least once.

I've not had a chance to see if it's been changed since The Force Awakens is now a thing, but pre-buyout it was interesting. In retrospect, it's a little mindblowing that the all-engulfing menace that is Disney would pay respect to an IP it didn't own at the time. It kind of makes it an anomaly then when you've seen the last two films, and hear about the next one that it's apparent from the outside that Disney couldn't give two fucks about "respecting" the brand (lollastjedi).

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15 hours ago, Basard said:

That the one in Orlando?

If so i've been on it twice on 2 different occasions. :D

Hmm..not sure I'd assume it's both places.  I know it's in Disneyland (California) as a kid I lived pretty close and went often.

I was reading some on it earlier and also saw this, can't believe that cost, 32 million, especially back in the 1980's, insane!



The ride that became Star Tours first saw light as a proposal for an attraction based on the 1979 Disney live-action film The Black Hole. It would have been an interactive ride-simulator attraction where guests would have had the ability to choose the route. However, after preliminary planning the Black Hole attraction was shelved due to its enormous cost—approximately $50 million USD—as well as the unpopularity of the film itself.

Instead of completely dismissing the idea of a simulator, the company decided to make use of a partnership between Disney and George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, that began in 1986 with the opening of Captain EO (a 3-D musical film starring Michael Jackson) at the California park. Disney then approached Lucas with the idea for Star Tours. With Lucas' approval, Disney Imagineers purchased four military-grade flight simulators at a cost of $500,000 each and designed the ride structure.

Meanwhile, Lucas and his team of special effects technicians at Industrial Light & Magic produced the first-person perspective film that would be projected inside the simulators. When both simulator and film were completed, a programmer then sat inside and used a joystick to synchronize the movement of the simulator with the apparent movement on screen. On January 9, 1987, at a final cost of $32 million, almost twice the cost of building the entire park in 1955, the ride opened to throngs of patrons, many of whom dressed up as Star Wars characters for the occasion. In celebration, Disneyland remained open for a 60-hour marathon from January 9 at 10 a.m. to January 11 at 10 p.m.


Also didn't realize it had been retired and replaced by a newer version.  Anyone else remember waiting in line and all the cool stuff to look at?



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Been to the Orlando location about 8(?)-ish times now.  they made a major update a few years ago where the "tour" is now divided into five segments, and each segment has scenes and adventures pulled from a pool of eight, and this randomizes every ride.  So, it is nearly impossible to experience the exact same ride twice.  The fifth segment was always one where you ended up in the battle zone of the Empire versus the Rebels, but in one of eight different situations.  The three I had experienced were ending up in the moon of Endor battle, one where we were fighting several star destroyers over Hoth, and one that was a battle over a core planet (not sure it was Coruscant).  In any case, the ride is impressive for what it is, even after all these years.

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Oh nice!  When I rode Star Tours it was prior to the adventure expansion so it was always the same. I can see how multiple scenarios could really suck you in. 

Anyone else think the original pilot looked like Jonny 5 from Short Circut?

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