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Ongoing Discussion AMD abandons GPU efforts in 2018?

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10 hours ago, Chimaera said:

I was just speculating, but they aren't doing well.

I don't think bankruptcy, they are part of the new Intel CPUs (APU?): https://wccftech.com/intel-launches-8th-gen-core-family-amd-radeon-rx-vega-gpu-hbm2-emib/

and then conspiracy: https://wccftech.com/8-facts-intel-amd-nvidia/

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Didn't they lose the main guy for the Vega architecture?  Maybe that was a setback for them in terms of progress.  Or perhaps Vega was launched last year, so this year is just a refresh with a die shrink.

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On 8-1-2018 at 11:22 PM, GeraldEvans said:

Interesting. Perhaps they're planning something for 2019? Really aside from reduced die sizes and perhaps nvme GPU memory what's next?

If it isn't money related, my guess is that they might try and work on something that can actually challenge Nvidia's top end. So far, the best they've been able to produce was just barely better then Nvidia's mid-range segment, or they're so expensive that the Nvidia alternative is actually a better buy.

If so, that'd be great. XX80ti and Titan cards have been ridiculously expensive for too long.

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Ryzen was a total hit this year.

AMD CPUs and GPUs have been selling like hotcakes and they pretty much have 50% market share according to biggest retail stores like Amazon/Newegg/Mindfactory. They suck at server market tho and it's where the biggest bucks are.

They're prolly skipping 12mm Vega and going straight to 7, no need to panic :)

Vega is a nice architecture like Ryzen and should keep its own in the future but yea, AMD is not gonna be taking lead in gaming GPU market this year.

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AMD did make a very big profit last year mainly from their CPU division.


"AMD posted its first profit in three years during yesterday's third quarter 2017 financial results. Highlights of AMD's banner quarter include a $71 million GAAP profit, which comes largely due to a 74% increase in its Computing and Graphics segment to $819 million.

AMD doesn't break out processor and graphics earnings separately, but the company said the increases mostly came from Ryzen and Radeon sales. AMD CEO Lisa Su noted that client computing revenue has increased by a "strong double-digit percentage" and that the company has reached 40% to 50% desktop processor share with some e-tailers.


AMD's sales weighed in at $1.64 billion, beating estimates by $130 million. Revenue is up 26% year-over-year and 34% quarter-over-quarter, and the company expects to beat its previous yearly profit projections of "mid-to-high teens" percentage to 20%.

According to AMD’s most recently published graphics roadmap, 2018 is going to see a continuation of existing Vega 64 and Vega 56 graphics cards, with no new addition to the high-end desktop. Vega, which hasn’t been able to compete with NVIDIA’s GP102 based products like the GTX 1080 Ti, continues to be in short supply to date. What makes overall matters worse is that it will have to compete with a brand new roster of Volta products later this year.

And while the announcement of 7nm Vega has surprised some, we’ve known and reported about it in as early as January of last year. Sadly, 7nm Vega isn’t only meaningless for gamers because it’s strictly for the AI market, it will only be sampling this year and isn’t expected to see actual availability until 2019. So even if the company eventually decided to launch a gaming oriented version of this silicon, it won’t see the light of day until 2019."



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On 1/8/2018 at 6:54 PM, Chimaera said:


Obviously this was a jest.  AMD's stock price doesn't show any kind of bankruptcy risk. I'm long AMD currently via put options.  I think that actually expires this Friday, I should probably double check and see if I want to do that again.

Ryzen was a solid success story for sure.  They just aren't the top gaming CPUs compared to Intel.  Maybe the next gen Ryzen will be better?  Intel, after initially flailing, has come back stronger with its most recent chips.  Something I predicted would happen on this forum when the Ryzen hype was strongest.

AMD's GPUs have largely sucked.  This isn't any different than what has gone on over the past 10 years, but it may have gotten worse, for gamers.  Crypto has kept AMD's GPUs selling, but I'm hearing that Nvidia is the new crypto flavor now, so that is a negative trend to keep an eye on (especially if you trade AMD stock in any way).

I wonder what happened to all the AMD fanbois I clashed with when I first joined these forums? I think they owe me some apologies.

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3 hours ago, Boildown said:

I wonder what happened to all the AMD fanbois I clashed with when I first joined these forums?

You can tout Intel all you want, AND I was going to switch to Intel because AMD was flagging, but, since the Ryzen launch, I'm sticking with AMD. I know that I won't notice any difference in gaming performance. Benchmarks only matter to fanboys, frankly.


3 hours ago, Boildown said:

I think they owe me some apologies.

No, we don't.

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