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Feedback Wanted Upgrading NAS would like suggestions

Devil Khan

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WD PR4100, TS-453A-4G or DS918+

The first two are very similar price give or take 50. The newer one of the QNAP, The TS-453B-4G, however, the pricing is gone way up to €702.67 from its old(er) version €491.82 TS-453A-4G.

The TS-453A is the very similar with the PR4100 in price, but it does have HDMI, which the WD doesn't have. However it is software side that the QNAP is the king QNAP are supposed to be the leader in apps with synology coming second.  I'm leaning towards the second one TS-453A-4G at the moment.

Basically I want to use it as another backup of my OS, torrent and watch vids really.  However, I lack the experience of running/setting up all three.

any advice would be much appreciated.

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I have a 8TB NAS (ReadyNAS Ultra4 PLUS) as well as an external 4TB HDD that I back the NAS up to every night. I also sync my documents and photos to the Amazon cloud. This may sound paranoid, but I actually lost data when I messed up a NAS rebuild. I synced the new, empty NAS to the back drive in the wrong direction, so it wiped it instead. I tried to recover from Amazon, but made a similar same mistake (it only syncs to the Amazon cloud, not from). I then found out from Amazon support that syncing to Amazon from a NAS also bypasses the 'delete' process, so there was no option to undelete any of the removed files and Amazon doesn't do backup recovery. I managed to recover a lot of photos from the backup drive using recovery software, but none of the movies or music were recoverable.

OK, where am I going with this?

Why do you want a NAS and what functions do you need it to perform? If it is secondary storage and is only serving you, then you don't need anything flashy at all. Do you really need a 4 drive NAS or will a RAID 1 dual drive NAS do? This will give you redundancy should 1 drive fail. You don't need RAID 0 on a NAS; however RAID 5 is worth considering if you wanted 4 drives.

You mentioned HDMI, but do you want to connect the NAS to a screen or use the NAS to serve movies to a streaming drive? I have a small device (Amazon Fire TV) that I've installed Kodi on for this purpose. It's tiny, was cheap and does the job fantastically. I did have a small mini PC, but the Fire TV is better in every way. It's connected via HDMI to the TV and to my soundbar.

Don't get obsessed with NAS apps, unless you know what you want to do. I run, err, none. I just use the NAS native DLNA and the media players do the rest. I say 'players' as I also have an iEast Soundstream (https://www.ieast.net/products/soundstream) media player that lets me stream music from the NAS (Using DLNA) to my hifi, controlled by a phone to tablet. You can also stream to the Soundstream from a PC, but need to use iTunes.

/edit I also point all the Windows file folders to the NAS (Videos, Music, etc), except My Documents, as some applications don't work if you do this, so I create a symbolic link to the NAS, so it appears as a folder in the My Documents folder. 





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My (current) old one is two bay WD EX2 running raid mirrored. However, I have run out of run very quickly, points to the number of drives just sitting there. Plex is a good app, note good and not great :). 

I'm not looking to install every single, just regularly uptodate apps really. WD app store is like it's trying to be cool, but it's being trying this for years.

Also only 2 years for QNAP warrenty? and I think it's 5 for WD, but it's probablly 3 years.

The HDMI makes it easy to setup to my samsung TV instead of linking to it. Also the remote could with it too :D.

I plan to setup 1 disk redundancy, so four instead of two is needed really for the space. I have setup around 500-600 max to spend for diskless NAS. I am getting one of the 3(4), but having trouble deciding. 

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