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Complete Large OC LTI Fleet - Updated New Ships and Prices


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Updated with next batch of ships and prices.  

When I started my Star Citizen journey in 2012 I was a single gamer.  In the years since I have become married and now about to have my second child in about 3 - 5 weeks.  Real life has Priorities and I have determined I just don't have the time to commit to this game that I once did.  All of these ships are Original Concept - LTI.  All sales will be done over PayPal and the buyer pays the 4.5% fee.  I have had a long history on these forums and have done a lot of trades on this forum,  Reddit with Kane, and Shroud of the Avatar Forums.  If you would like we can also use a third party middleman.  I would prefer Kane as I have worked with them in the past.  

If you are interested please PM me.  I have confirmed that all ships listed are Original Concept - LTI and giftable. I can also post images if you would like.  Seems kind of tedious to do though for something that can be pulled from any unverified source.  On another note I do still plan on playing.  I have another dozen or so ships that I have purchased third party that are currently not giftable.  The math gets wonky though with having to factor in credit resell values after melting and buying back with new funds.  In any case.  I will continue to monitor game development and hope to see you all in the verse.  






Aegis Retaliator Heavy Bomber SOLD OC LTI $265.00
Aegis Vulcan OC LTI $200.00
Aopoa Khartu-al SOLD OC LTI $175.00
Aopoa San'tok.yāi OC LTI $210.00
Banu Defender OC LTI $200.00
Banu Merchantman SOLD OC LTI $325.00
Esperia Blade OC LTI $275.00
Esperia Glaive SOLD OC LTI $375.00
Esperia Prowler - SOLD OC LTI $425.00
MISC Freelancer (Game Pack) SOLD OC LTI $125.00
MISC Freelancer (Game Pack) OC LTI $125.00
MISC Razor LX Promotion OC LTI $150.00
MISC Razor EX Promotion OC LTI $150.00
Origin M50 OC LTI $100.00
Pirate Pack - Drake Cutlass (Game Pack - w/ advocacy tools) - SOLD OC LTI $150.00
RSI Constellation Andromeda  OC LTI $250.00
RSI Constellation Phoenix Emerald OC LTI $450.00
Weekend-Warrior - Super Hornet (Game Pack) w/ F7A Upgrade skin SOLD OC LTI $280.00



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