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Want to Sell LTI | Anvil Hawk + Cutlass Black Upgrade | Account

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Hello Guys, I have got a Star Citizen Account for Sale.

Account Price - $99

Account Description:

-SHIP with LTI - Anvil Hawk
-CCU Anvil Hawk to Cutlass Black (You can upgrade Anvil Hawk to Cutlass Black + Cutlass ships are going up in price soon, so good deal for you)
-PACKAGE - Aurora MR MC Starter
-100M REWARD - 2945 WAR BOND
-Total Melt Value - $115
-5000 UEC

Contact info:

STEAM - http://steamcommunity.com/id/xMaisonx/ 
SKYPE - xmaisonn1x
Discord - Maison#4753

Screenshots & Backer Titles:




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