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    • By Juntau
      Greetings @Imperium Member
      As promised, the first Saturday of each month the Imperium Twitch will go live with the "Imperium Insider".
      NOVEMBER 4TH @ 17:00 UTC
      Unlike the previous iteration of the Imperium Insider, this season has a new twist.
      We will be broadcasting live via twitch to provide information, answer your questions, address your concerns and give you, the Imperium member, a greater overview of where Imperium stands and where we, as an organization, are going. Considering the fact the Twitch is not a secured channel and anyone from any part of the Star Citizen community will be able to tune in, watch and chat, most information given will be at the highest level possible in the interests of operational security. (That's right, you'll still have to speculate on the number of capital ships in the fleet) Nonetheless, it will provide an excellent opportunity for members to interact with Officers, HR and Fleet Command. We hope to see you all there!
      WHERE - https://www.twitch.tv/imperium_sc
      WHEN - The First Saturday Of Every Month
    • By FoxChard
      IEDIT: the reddit translation is taking a little flak on RSI because it may not be complete-just excerpts. So it may have some errors, then again it might not. We'll know more soon.
      Gamestar is back with another interview. They talk about 3.0, SQ42, AI, and Vertical Slice. There is a lot of good information in here and the authors don't shy away from talking about test builds crashing while they played them. 
      I did not do the translation and crossover, these are from Redditor kruben95. yonasismad is responsible for the images.
      WALL OF TEXT BELOW for those who hate reddit.
      Demo, with some in-depth look at systems (AI, Planets...)
      Gamestar visited Foundry 42 Frankfurt to play a preview of Alpha 3.0. In the beginning text, the author asks the question, why F42 my have delayed Squadron 42. More about that later.
      The Demo starts at GrimHex. The Player wakes up and uses the new mobi-glass to equip himself with some clothes.
      They walk outside to the landing pads where a Gladius waits
      They get introduced to the new use-System and item 2.0, where they can control many things more detailed (entering the ship, HUDS...)
      With item 2.0 CIG can make every object in the world interactive by giving it properties.
      With the new Star Map via the mobi-glass, they now can fly to POIs instead of the old marker on the hud.
      Todd Pappy on the answer after the Strechtgoal Levski: "When C.R. makes a stretch goal, that means it has to be in the game in the given time. Often it depends on how important it is for C.R. Let's say, it's very important for him. The NPC Miles Eckhart, too."
      Via the Star Map they jump to the edge of the atmosphere of Delamar and are then flying down manual. During the atmospheric entry, flames start appearing around the hull. This depends on your speed and the size of your ship.
      A new flight control system shows the way to a landing pad on the highly detailed Levski landing zone, where are now also garages, where you can get your ground vehicles.
      It is planned, that the ship will despawn after landing and some time has passed, to make space for other players.
      Normally you would now go to a kiosk to let the ship repair and refuel because this would take some time.
      In the Demo they have problems with the elevators and the physics grid, so they had to use console commands to go down.
      The Details in Levski are really impressive.
      As they approach Miles, they noticed a change in his behaviour. Miles notices us, checks us with a short look and looks down again on his mobi-glass. This seemed very natural.
      This behaviour got they already to see when they visited Bob Reininger who is in Frankfurt for final implementations of the NPC's for 3.0. In General, all features from other studios come to Frankfurt to get implemented in the 3.0 build.
      Gamestar got a deeper look at NPC behaviour and got shown the new features. In comparison to last years Gamescom demo, they made a huge jump in the details of movement. Everything seems very natural and the facial expression is incredible and in combination with the voice over nearly real. They are not done yet with NPC's, all the time are coming new features and bugs get eliminated. They want to make NPCs in 3.0 as perfect as they can.
      The quest-givers and subsumption in 3.0 are test objects because, in the future, every NPC will use this technology in Star Citizen and Squadron 42.
      Subsumption is more a system than a script.
      Between 7 and 14 missions will be in the game. How many it will be, depend on how many problems they have to face until 3.0 But they will add them via updates.
    • By VoA
      An interesting article on Scale (size of the sandbox)..... as it relates to Star Citizen.  See link below or spoiler...
      Space To Ground: Matters of Scale in Level Design
    • By VoA
      Massively Overthinking: The Star Citizen money machine   <<-- See link or Spoiler below...