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Skull and Bones SC (SBSC) is ready for recruitment

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This is a military hardcore crew who seeks to new member to help them in there campaigns across the galaxies. As star citizen is still a pre-alpha game ; I am ware of the amount of new people in star citizen and I would like to invite them along as well. They will be trained to be some amazing pilots who are ready for anything. Let the star's guide you through the darkness; SBSC is waiting.

Please pm me if you get accepted to this organization, so I can give you all the information so I can stay in touch with my org.

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    • By Uthrac
      Hello All!
      I was trying to help guide a new member to join Imperium and gave him this link:
      At which point one can click the JOIN US link and is sent to the following link
      He scrolled down and clicked on the bottom "JOIN US" button (literally at the bottom of the page) and all it did was reroute him to the top of the same page.  I think the hyperlink needs to be fixed so it brings the player to the Star Citizen base so they can register there and accomplish the test, right?
      There is also a link HOW TO JOIN on the same page.  Which is what one needs to click.  However the second "JOIN US" button on the bottom of the JOIN US page should probably be removed.
    • By lonewolfassassin29
      Hello: new to SC and everything in it. I have a Constellation Aquila. I might be looking into the Endeavor in Nov or Christmas. I am basing this on finding a good crew that wishes to become a part of the best support/multi-role ship in the fleet. I am thinking modules like the hanger, medical and ID beacon at this time. I am sure the Constellation Aquila will be a great stepping stone to learn systems and positions best suited for each crew member. Going forward I am sure to make friends and a strong crew to augment the strength of the fleet.
    • By Deleted User
    • By Vilmalith

      You can apply for the organization at RSI.

      We also require that you fill out an application on our website.

      If you aren't sure you want to join.  Or just want to chat with some like minded closet nerds.  Feel free to join us on Discord.

      Follow us on YouTube and Twitter:

    • By zenmire
      The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a highly organized international gaming community that was established in 2001. We have 2800+ active members playing 40+ games, and now we plan to add Star Citizen to that list. We have multiple people already playing the game and having fun.
          Why Join TAW:

      Active and organized community
      International community ranging from EU, NA, SA,and Oc/etc
      Robust TeamSpeak (Top ranking in the world).
      We have our own website. www.taw.net
      We have a monthly newsletter that our news team puts out each month.
      Our own forums and wikis.
      Badges you can earn within TAW which gives you more things to do in the game.
      A ranking system for those who want to move up in our community
      We have one event a week which is planned and working on by team members. With plans to move to 2 events a week.
      We hold Tournaments with rewards. Future plans to run community Tournaments.
      Space is big and can be lonely without mates to watch you back. As a member, you will always have friends when you need them.
      We lots of other games that you can play with fully developed teams. A list of our games can be found HERE.

      Our plan/goal for the Star Citizen team:
      Discover new regions of the Universe.
      Obtain useful materials and resources.
      Establish economic self-sufficiency.
      Defend ourselves and our resources.
      Squads with common goals and game style.
      We have a home for casual and competitive players alike.
      We also want to help the development of the game by doing our best in the Alpha and Beta testing.
      Build the team in a way where everyone is able to take part in the direction and goals of our team.
      To make a place for friendship and fun for all Star Citizens.
      Requirements to join
      Be able to understand and speak English (Not required to be perfect).
      TeamSpeak 3 and a working microphone.
      Be mature and respectful to others.
      Be active.
      Have fun!


      If you are either a casual gamer, hardcore gamer or something in between we have a thing for you.  We even have a full team dedicated to Streamers, Designers, Programmers, etc., who like to follow their dreams and do what they do best aside from gaming.

      So if you Interest head over to our website at HERE and join our Star Citizen team.
      The above info is subject to change and evolve as more information about Star Citizen comes out. Our objective is to have a team for every game mode that Star Citizen has to offer. If you wanna go mine asteroids join our mining squad. Hunting down pirates is your thing join our bounty hunting squad. Want to set out and explore the galaxy join our exploring squad.

      You may be interested, but still, have some doubts?  Questions?  Or want to have a chat about it first? Then contact me in either of the following contact addresses, PM me or comment here:
      You can email me zenmire@taw.net or zandam989@yahoo.com
      My steam name is zenmire
      My rsi name is Zenmire
      I look forward to having you apart of the team.
      See you all in the Verse.