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Mercenary Legion, highly organised and recruiting.

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      NEW TEXAS MERCENARIES is now seeking members to fulfill the needs of our clients. We are a mercenary company that will accept any contract for the right price. We always keep the identity of our clients secret. No job is too small or too dirty. All members have a specialty, be it smuggling, fighting, hauling, repair, cargo, ect. every skill set welcome. one day we will be guarding a caravan while the other we will be taking a mining facility for a client, anything is possible so we need all skill sets. We need legal and criminal members as not all of our work is carried out outside of the law. 
                               TO APPLY GO TO : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/NTEX
    • By makute
      I'm selling a Digital Mercenary LTI package for $80 PayPal fees included containing:
       - Aurora MR
       - SelfLand Hangar
       - Legacy Alpha
       - Lifetime Insurance
       - Starting Money: 1,000 UEC
       - Squadron 42 Digital Download
       - Star Citizen Digital Download
       - Digital Star Citizen Manual
      After payment of invoice, the package will be gifted to a email of your choice.
      I'm an experienced trader here in SCB and eBay. My timezone is GMT+1, so delays are to be expected during the night time.
      Buyer goes first and/or pays middleman fees.
      If you're a prospecting player, I'd really appreciate that you use my referral code when creating your account: [REDACTED]. You'll have a 5.000 UEC head start!
    • By brandonwillis
      WE are an organization basing our Major goal of starting our own empire free of UEE Control On the outer Rim of UEE controlled space for Now and eventually controlling an undiscovered system as our final home base. I am looking for like minded people who want to role play and experience the freedom to play the game as they see fit, but with a group of people that want to be part of a legacy and in game lore as a final accomplishment. It will take many of us to achieve this but it only take a handful to get us started. I have already created the Org. on rsi website and taken the time to create a webpage and a Facebook page. Check us out at DITHS.weebly.com , facebook.com/diths and pm me if interested. I check Daily.
      A little about me. I am a recently retired (early retirement due to injuries) Army vet(also served one term in the Navy) that games hardcore while taking on a Masters in Cyber Security. I look to bring my military knowledge and skills along with the skills of my like minded friends from what we learned there into Star Citizens.  I  served as EOD in the United States Navy and switched to an AD(aviation Machinists mate) half way in, during my 9 years in the Army I served as a 91H or All purpose track Mechanic and was award for many things I did and accomplished in service. Most of the knowledge of what I learned and used in actual combat can be applied here and we can effectively win battle on both ground and space with training and practice. The true question is "Do you want to be part of something great? or do you want to look back and say I had the chance to join them!

    • By LCplBuege
              Check out our website at executivejustice.org and our RSI Organization page here: http://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/EJC   ORDER AMIDST UNIVERSAL CHAOS   Operation Pitchfork: Master Bacon Makers   Javelin and Idris crew positions available!   Who we are Executive Justice is both a Planetside 2 outfit and a former Eve Online corporation. Our organization leadership is currently comprised primarily of military Veterans but we want to expand our ranks to include people from all walks of life. We have members from every time zone in the US and are willing to expand internationally. Prospective members must be 18+ and speak fluent English.    Allies   ACES 9th Security Industries   Mission   We are heavily based on piracy prevention operations financially supported by business, exploration and industry. We have a strong focus on teamwork. Most of our members have been gaming together for many years so developing strong unit cohesion. Upon launch we intend to allocate our resources toward seeking out and reactivating capital ships hidden throughout the universe. These acquired vessels can be used to gain a distinct advantage against our competition allowing us to become a dominant piracy prevention force.     How we play Play on your own time. As was previously mentioned, we are largely veteran based. Though many of our members are very dedicated and put a lot of time into the organization, a few of us are still active duty military or have demanding full time jobs and school schedules. Because of this they are only able to play on occasion. We know what it's like to have a busy life or tight work schedule. As long as you are willing to help contribute to the corporation when teammates are in need of support, your presence is more than welcome. This is a game, not your job and we respect that. We keep it light and keep it fun, but we still maintain superiority and win our battles. Our Idris-P and Retaliator Heavy Bombardment Groups will always be backed by escort fighters and Constellation support. </a>     What we fly   Click here to see our persistent Ship List Spreadsheet     Where we operate We operate primarily in Low and Null Security space, but we will have a place for Hi-Sec players as well.    Want more information? You can always respond to this thread, contact us on our forums at http://executivejustice.org/forums/index.php, PM me, email me at cjbuege@me.com or find us on our TeamSpeak at executivejustice.typefrag.com:8845. The password is justice