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Hello from new member (applying)

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Hi fellow Star Citizens!

As a MMO veteran, I've been following this game since its beginning (give or take). A friend and fellow gamer recently reignited my interest in it, and since then I ended up with Cutlass Black Package. On top of that, my hangar also expanded to house a Hornet Ghost, a Herald, and the bad boy of space bikes, Nox.

I've also submitted my application for Imperium last night, so I look forward to saying hi as a fellow Imperial.

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    • By Naeramarth
      Hey guys!
      I just applied to Imperium on the RSI website and I really hope you accept me!
      I am a 21-year-old Austrian currently living in Germany. I study commercial information technology and work at an IT company which provides software, servers and IT security for banks. In my free time I usually play many different video games (I usually stick with some I especially like, Star Citizen for example), watch twitch streams, youtube, spend time with my GF, inform myself on new game releases and pretty much anything that has to do with video games, programming or computers in general  (yeah, I'm a nerd). I'm currently using a Laptop (yeah, yeah I know, I'm planning to upgrade to a "real" PC soon) with an i7-7700hq, a gtx 1050, 16gb ddr4 and with the game installed on a ssd so I get 30-45 fps, depending on where I am and with a few framedrops in certain situations in the Persistent Universe.
      Greetings from Germany,
    • By Zenno
      Hello everyone, I'm Zen.  I just put in an application on the RSI site.  Hope I can fill a spot in the ranks.
    • By Edmond Lexington
      Evening Gents,
      I'm Andrew, I'm 28, from Brisbane Australia. 
      Gaming names: Edmond Lexington, Knox, InkunziKnox, Inkunzi
      I've been shopping for a fleet since kickstarter. This is not an easy thing to do for a game you plan to commit to. I've flown in the PU with a bunch of blokes from a variety of organisations to see what's on offer. Given the recent progress in game development, it's time to make a decision. I've concluded that i'd like to start my application process with Imperium. This is for two Reasons: Firstly it's likely Imperium pilots will be more regular gamers, promoting unit cohesion in a fleet that's still big enough to be a major player in the verse. Secondly, noone knows how many Cap ships you posses; to me that demonstrates a leadership that has a good grasp on what will likely be the end game meta. 

      I have have a long, long list of games and clans/fleets/guilds i've been an officer or member of, but for the purposes of expediency i will just share the few most relevant. Naval Action - Sea Lords (largest clan in game)- Rear Admiral, Elite Dangerous - Adle's Armada- Officer, Elite Dangerous - N/A- Cofounder. This is given me a variety of experiences of being a small cog and a big cog in that machine that is an MMO Fleet. I plan to have alts in other orgs for information gathering, i have experience with deep cover.

      I don't plan to climb the ladder to a point in which i'm expected to manage interfleet diplomacy or Meta strategy; I've found that sort of thing is a fast way to burn out. I would however like to build a reputation among your dedicated members as a highly capably pilot, a reliable starman for fleet cap ships and a manic marine in FPS. 
      Currently i like to fly a Sabre with fixed broadswords; Hotas or mouse/KB I find both are fine, but i stick with fixed for dps. FPS=shotgun, enough said.

      For the purposes of not ruining the narrative of my main character and experiencing the full scope of gameplay, once persistence hits i plan to start with just an avenger. However i plan to make a 4-7 day a week commitment to this game so i will generate resources quickly. I was one of the first in Elite dangerous to get their first Billion, and the first in naval action to have the HMS Victory and the HMS Santisima. 

      I believe i would make a good addition to the fleet; let me know either way.
      Kind Regards
      Edmond Lexington
    • By Algorism
      Been PTU testing for a couple days now and everyone's always wondering how many times they've crashed or closed and reopened SC, so I made a little desktop app to track it!
      CTD's counts the number of times the StarCitizen.exe stops responding and closes. Game resets is just how many times you've closed StarCitizen.exe.  Each counter should be mutually exclusive. 
      The code for this is really simple.  The application just spawns a new thread, gets a list of running processes, finds StarCitizen.exe, and then waits around until it is either closed or crashes (stops responding), then increments the counter.
      Its attached below.  I promise it is totally safe.  For proof heres a pastebin of the code: http://pastebin.com/Km2UFw6p
      Update: V2 Rar and preview has been attached.  
      Update Notes:  Removed separate counter for CTD's and just have a single counter for the number of times the game is opened and closed.  Now includes time since last crash and record play time stat.

    • By Merlinix
      Hello, my name is Aaron. I generally go by Merlinix or MerlinixGaming. I first pledged back in November 2013 by purchasing the Freelancer package (It's been upgraded to the MAX variant). Since then, I have acquired a Constellation Phoenix (a silly post-deployment purchase), and an Aegis Sabre. I figured I would cover my bases because I can't honestly say what I'm MOST excited for. Now I can transport with my Freelancer, dogfight with my Sabre, and even smuggle "questionable" goods with my Phoenix's scanner-dampening cargo space.

      My MMO experience mostly lies in World of Warcraft, where I participated in organized raiding and PvP. I'm looking forward to once again be a part of an active online community.
      My FPS experience certainly is isn't lacking as I've played every Halo, a bit of CoD, a lot of Battlefield 3/4, Destiny, and many more.
      Hope to see you in the 'Verse,