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Want to Sell Various LTI ships/packages for sale

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I am reducing my stuff to 1 package per account, and only a couple spare ships or so per account.


I will send ship/package first. Then expect payment.


Because of me making the first move, I will only sell to long term forum members with a substantial good rating.

"Expensive" ships ($200+) I will only risk selling to long term Imperium members with substantial good rating... unless the buyer has a crazy high rating.


I will only sell with both of us on voice chat, and my screen and sound recorded from my side (via gopro) as proof that I sent the item. Disputed sales will be put on youtube to keep my name clean.





Here's what I have :


(Main Account) -----------------------------------------------


Game Packages :

Rear Admiral LTI (constellation phoenix) <- For Sale ($375)

Digital Colonel LTI (super hornet) [Currently not for sale]


Ships :

Banu Merchentman LTI <- For Sale $230

Idris Corvette P LTI <- For Sale $1250 (Only for sale to imperium leader(s))  Note : I was PMd and told these can't be transferred without concierge - It has the gift icon in my hangar - This is something we can try to work out with CIG if someone is really interested.

Retaliator Bomber LTI <- For Sale $250

350R Racer LTI <- For Sale $120

Glaive (LTI) [Currently not for sale]

Vanguard LTI [Currently not for sale]

Khartu Al (LTI) [Currently not for sale]

RSI Aurora LN LTI [Currently not for sale]


Upgrades :

F7A military hornet upgrade [Currently not for sale]




(Alt Account #1) -----------------------------------------------

Game Packages :
Digital Colonel LTI (super hornet) [Currently not for sale]

Ships :
M50 interceptor LTI <- For Sale $90
Anvil Gladiator LTI <- For Sale $150

Upgrages :
F7A military hornet upgrade [Currently not for sale]




(Alt Account #2) -----------------------------------------------

Game Packages :
Digital Pirate LTI (Cutlass) [Currently not for sale]

Ships :
Scythe LTI [Currently not for sale]
Caterpillar LTI [Currently not for sale]




Edit : Price update


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27 minutes ago, MaasterCard said:

Yes, i paid you the first by paypal. And what you want you'll sent me the package 



Paypal transactions can be reversed. CIG gifts can not be reversed. The risk is on my side regardless.

I am patient, and not a gambler. As such, I must wait for established users to make an offer. Thank you.



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