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Want to Sell Cheaper alternative for hotas table mount for sale!

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Hey all :) 

So the story begins with I, myself wanted to buy the mounts for my desk, but unfortunately they were too expensive for me. So I ended up building table mounts for myself. As It worked out pretty well, I just wanted to provide good quality table mounts to people who can not afford more expensive ones. 

So, here is the offer for you :) 

Hotas Joystick and throttle mounts. Our joystick and throttle table mount products are compatible with Thrustmaster Warthog models.

 We can manufacture in other models as well. Please, contact us for this. 

As our product development work continues and we are open for any feedbacks. 

The mounts are made of aluminum and metal. So during shipping, small scratches might happen. 

Each component is adjustable. So each of them could move back and forward, up and down.

Easy to set up. Each product includes two pieces. All you have to do mount them together.  Please pm us to order. 

Each product is 60 € + shipping cost. 

Shipping costs for two pieces would be 15 € for Europe and 35 €  for United States. 

Email: agnlabs2017@gmail.com


Mount1 kopya.jpg


Mount_ kopya.jpg


AGNLabs 2.jpg

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9 hours ago, agnlabs said:

Hi, thanks for the interest. 

If you could provide us the screw types and screw distances we would love to manufacture plates compatible for those joysticks. 


TM T16000M FCS Joystick



TM T1600M FCS Throttle



CH Fighterstick doesn't have screw holes, so just needs a plate it can be stuck on.

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