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PTU has been opened up to first wave testers, concierge members, and subscribers. This means that a good chunk of us already have access to 3.0 right now! If you don’t yet have access you have two options: 

  1. Be patient, the devs are doing their best to get it to you as soon as possible.
  2. Subscribe for that sweet delicious early access.

In either case, access or not, you are invited to join Imperium and the Star Citizen community this Saturday for a very special Game Day event!

As mentioned in the most recent Game Day Announcement, in the case that 3.0 is in PTU for the upcoming Game Day (this Saturday the 25th of November 2017) we will be playing 3.0 and featuring it on the Game Day Stream for those of you who can’t yet play or would rather just watch. 

Along with the 3.0 shenanigans and the stream we will also be doing a bunch of giveaways of RSI gift cards, game packages, and Imperium branded clothing.

Be sure not to miss this one!


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