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Anvil Hawk

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A small, light fighter with an emphasis on weaponry, the Hawk boasts an impressive arsenal of lethal and non-lethal weapons, making it a perfect ship for independent bounty hunters or local security looking for a little more punch.

$80 Warbond

$90 Regular - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/hawk/ANVIL-Hawk


Little is known about this upcoming concept ship, but the file name gives us a valuable clue.  SneakPeek_HalfHawk.jpg




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Can count 3 weapons on top, possible 2 down below and Errr 1 facing fixed backwards, but can't be more than an S1 tbh I'd say decor? Could be Stealth really, it has the modern look.

It appears to have twin exhausts, which makes the first silhouette pic a lie  about the ships exhaust

Also that previously was taken for granted, the fan, is the radar dish?

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14 hours ago, Skywing said:

Looks like a starter ship

It occurs to me that the Anvil Hurricane was originally intended to be a Starter combat ship in a Concept Ship poll two or three years ago. It wasn't chosen. CIG decided to produce it anyway and it became the Anvil Hurricane "heavy fighter", which is $175 glass cannon.

Perhaps the Anvil Hawk is the Starter combat ship that CIG originally intended. (Although, as names go, shouldn't a Hawk be larger and more deadly than a Hornet? At least the Hurricane makes sense as the deadliest Anvil fighter.)

I'll buy the Hawk using store credit, only because I buy every concept ship. But I doubt I'll keep it because I have plenty of other light fighters and a Starter doesn't have much appeal to me. The Hawk would have to be something special for me to keep it. We'll find out soon.

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Ok so.. I'm not a PvP player. I mean.. at all. In fact I try to avoid pvp whenever I can, i don't have the reflexes and I generally just find co-op PvE more enjoyable.
That said, this ship looks so good.. (especially when it's landed) that it seriously made me consider.

I LOVE the look of this ship. And of course the concept art help a lot. those images with the rain pouring down.. oh man.

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Same, I too prefer not to fight in a PvP. The Hawk looks great. It would look awesome if the S1-2 went up to S2-3 and heavier shield and better maneuvering. Still it is great looking, but it can only fit 1 prisoner. The Avenger is the only role of bounty hunter.  


The one thing all three vids have is the look. It is one of the best ships style. The ship weapons are lacking in S1x 2, 3 or 4 and S2x 2, but it does have an EMP. it lacks agility. 




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I like the Anvil Hawk more than I thought I would -- but not enough to buy a warbond -- but I think it's capabilities are being over-stated in the lore created for it. It apparently has 3 x S1 and 2 x S2 hardpoints. The 2 x S2s are the "shoulder blade" weapons behind the cockpit. One of the S1 hardpoints is on the nose. I don't see where the other two S1s are located. Regardless, they're S1s. The Hawk has more gun hardpoints than a Gladius, but the latter has 3 x S3 hardpoints (according to the updated Ship Matrix) as well as MISSILES! In one of the pics, the Hawk has blasted the port engine nacelle off a Cutlass Black. Even before the Cutlass Black Rework, the Cutlass was kinda tanky compared to other starfighters. The idea of a Hawk picking it apart with its peashooters seems implausible and blatant false advertising.

I know... the Hawk apparently has some sort of EMP weapon that could disable a target's shields, making it easy to pick them apart. However, any weapon the Hawk can equip other ships can equip too. It's unclear how the Hawk is so successful. On the contrary, it seems like the Hawk will be the underdog in most engagements and the outcome will be entirely based on pilot skill. That might appeal to some players, but it's not a marketable feature for a combat ship.

The Hawk brochure mentioned there will be three variant models of the Hawk. The standard model being sold in the Concept Sale, the "DireHawk" CQB variant that equips two S1 scatterguns, and the "ShadowHawk" stealth variant that sacrifices 2 hardpoints (I suspect the S2s because they jut out the most from the fuselage) and has a "data spike array". The DireHawk seems pointless because scatterguns aren't very effective IME. The only scatterguns currently available are S3s and they aren't that great (I think ballistics are more effective), so how are a pair of S1 scatterguns going to matter? The ShadowHawk does have some appeal because it will probably be the cheapest stealth ship -- assuming it's less expensive than the Hornet Ghost.

Even though Bounty Hunting is my primary interest in the SC PU, I don't find the Hawk appealing because it seems weaker than the combat ships used by Pirates -- even the Buccaneer outguns it! I will melt the Hawks that the bought yesterday with store credit, and maybe buy one back when the ShadowHawk is flyable.

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@Reavern, I agree. The Hawk looks amazing and their choice to pair it with Bladerunner visuals is on point. However. I think solo bounty hunting will be extremely difficult and dangerous, requiring a lot of time spent stalking to pick the right moment when your target is isolated and vulnerable. Unless you're after an NPC, they're probably going to notice a hawk lingering around all day.

If I were going after a bounty, I'd pick the Avenger Stalker because it is visually identical to the rest of its (very common) class and doesn't necessarily seem out of place.

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19 hours ago, Fizzlefuse said:

those images with the raid pouring down.. oh man.

How can you not think of the original Blade Runner, eh.

as a bounty hunter ship, it should possess powerful disabling equipment/weapons - overclocked suckerpuch, EMP missiles and an emp generator. Imagine so equipped ships working in tandem.

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It seems the base hawk sacrifices a great deal of firepower for the luxury of both an EMP weapon and a "passenger" seat. While that sounds reasonable at first glance, as the EMP weapon would allow you to disable the enemy ship. But, as previously stated by @Reavern , other ships can utilize the same weapons and can pack much greater firepower, most notably the Avenger Stalker, which seems to outclass the Hawk in just about every manner outside of an insignificant speed difference and the hawk being about 10,000 kg lighter than the Stalker.


So, while the Hawk does seem to be quite frankly obsolete to the stalker at this time, I am certain that balance will be done to ensure the Hawk lives up to its lore, otherwise this ship would have significant issues taking down even one pirate.

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I agree with everyone on the point where the Hawk will have to prove its worth. The wording "peashooters" is a hard-to-accept truth for a "Bounty Hunter" ship. They will have to make up for the S1's or this ship will be outclassed by any ship who can carry a holding pod (Penguin, CutBlue, etc..) I love the design and melted a ship for it, we'll just have to wait and see how it delivers its selling points.

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