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Star Citizen Anniversary Special

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I am intrigued to find out what this ship is. 

I don't really have any plans to "purchase" another ship, but if a Hull C or D rolls around with a nice price, I may forfeit.  However, I do enjoy their videos for this annual period, and last year's approach was a good one.  This year's theme switching over to a new marketing setup has me interested in how they approach the week.

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just to point out, the fan runs thru the chassie top and bottom. Also, the cockpit looks like it's one seater. From the wing size if it is a vanguard size the wings would be huge. doesn't have a bed on it. It is as simple as the picture is. 

Also, they do have two ships on concept sale at the same time around this time of the year.

Bigger ships like the Idris and Javelin were on sale for the Christmas sale. Anyway 3000 for a single unarmed ship, too steep.

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8 minutes ago, Wrathpole said:

It's $2.5k isn't it?

Warbond cash was $2500, while using credit was $3000 during the last anniversary sale.

10 hours ago, Devil Khan said:

Bigger ships like the Idris and Javelin were on sale for the Christmas sale

Link? They were available in the Anniversary sale, but not for Christmas if memory serves.

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Just now, Chimaera said:

Warbond cash was $2500, while using credit was $3000 during the last anniversary sale.

Well there goes those dreams, lol. I'll stick with my Idris.


I have this thing about breaking points on prices, lol.

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November 24th – Anvil Aerospace

November 25th – Aegis Dynamics

November 26th – Ground Vehicles and Alien Ships

November 27th – Origin Jumpworks

November 28th – Consolidated Outland

November 29th – Roberts Space Industries

November 30thMISC (Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern)

December 1st – Drake Interplanetary

December 2nd-4th – All Manufacturers On Sale

Note: although that 2nd-4th listed as all manufacturers, but didn't list all their ships ($1000+ price not to be expected) EG Polaris, Phoenix, Freelancer MIS etc

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Since Anvil Aerospace is kicking off the Anniversary Special, that basically confirms the mystery ship is an Anvil ship. Not that was a point of contention, because it's obviously an Anvil ship.

On 11/15/2017 at 9:10 AM, VoA said:

Good theory crafting with this one. ...

Another great video by theNoobifier. It makes sense if the mystery ship is a light fighter, because Anvil doesn't have a light fighter in its line-up. However, it's not what I really want, especially if he's right that, being an Anvil fighter, it'll be heavier, tougher, slower, and less agile than the existing light fighters. That doesn't make much sense for the light fighter role. Wouldn't that mean it would be weaker versus other light fighters, because it's slower and less maneuverable. But it would be stronger versus medium fighters and larger ships because it's more agile than them and is more durable than other light fighters. If my speculation is accurate, those characteristics are not compelling reasons to melt or CCU my Gladius, Sabre, or Xi'An Scout. And I definitely don't intend to buy another light fighter.

That's why I'm hoping that I'm right about the mystery ship being larger than a starfighter, and fulfills a different role than combat.

theNoobifier also mentioned a theory that I had earlier, regarding the mystery ship's large wings, could mean that it's intended for atmospheric flight and combat. That would make it a little different, but also incredibly restrictive if it can't fly in space at all. I doubt CIG will go to that extreme, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't give it a jump drive, only a quantum drive, and a very small Q-fuel tank. But again, I don't need an "atmo-fighter". Even if it was $50 or less, I wouldn't buy it -- and most backers would buy it primarily for a LTI token.

If the mystery ship is an inexpensive starfighter, there's no way that it's the only new concept ship being released for the Anniversary Special. CIG has to have something else up their sleeve. And I hope it's not just another batch of overpriced "special edition" ships, like last year. I hope there's something new and exciting, even if it's modules or component packs for existing ships. Like all the modules for the Caterpillar.

Another possibility is a collection of planetary surface items that are suited for Alpha 3.0. Perhaps a deployable mining rig that can be carried aboard a transport, like a Freelancer, as an alternative to a Prospector. Or a Mule wheeled drone that is controllable by the Mobi-glas, which carries an assortment of tools for salvaging, and can also haul the salvaged items back to a ship. Or a deployable Sentry gun turret for guarding your ship when you land on planets. I can see CIG selling stuff like that.

But I'm hoping for something special.

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I've thinking of CCUing a Hull-D up for Hull-E for a while now. I have more than 1 Hull-D and Hull-C atm. Also depending on the stats and pricing I might get one of those "new" anvil ships.

Gotta say I seem to get addicted this time last year when I was getting the Polaris combo pack at CitizenCon, exotic pack on the Anniversary and the Armada pack at Christmas.


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21 hours ago, Devil Khan said:

Hull-D up for Hull-E for a while now. I have more than 1 Hull-D and Hull-C atm.

I know how you're thinking about this. I have the Carrack, the 600i explorer, and the Terrapin in addition to the Endeavour (w/etc). You're just thinking the Cargo end of the jobs.

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I either own or have buybacks for every ship that I want and has been released thus far, so I'm hoping for something new and exciting during the Anniversary Special. I hope CIG has more than just the Anvil mystery ship up their sleeve. Or the Lynx rover, as some have speculated. I want something cool. I wouldn't mind some "Special Edition" ships, like last year, except with worthwhile loadouts and not so overpriced. (WTF was with the $175 Hornet Wildfire!?! That's $65 more than the F7C!)

3 more days...

Hopefully we'll get a sneak peek Thursday night.

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