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I have a quick of question regarding Ship Upgrades. I just went through my hangar and saw a Ship upgrade that I got a while back. Since getting this Upgrade the RSI value of the target ship has gone up. If I were to apply the upgrade then melt the ship, would I get the store credits of the original ship or the up valued destination ship?

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    • By JediKel
      Hello Imperium,
      I was hoping you guys could help me out.  Is there anyone out there that has a Starfarer to Orion CCU??  It should be a $25 CCU at current pricing.  I know I am asking for a lot, but I can Paypal you $35.  It's a 40% mark up so you make $10 on 3 minutes of computer time . 
      Thank you in advance for looking. 
      Respectfully, Jedi
    • By CheeseNorris
      Selling the listed ships and modules below.

      Selling my additional ships and upgrades. All prices are RSI Store Price + 5.5% Paypal Fees. All items are from buybacks.
      I am not selling for profit. Just helping out those in need. As the purchase uses the Paypal credits received via the Paypal invoice, you can be sure there is no undesired grey market credits and all the trouble associated with them - not that I'm peddling in that anyway but it's a good assurance.
      LTI Concept Sales Ship
      Comes with related hangars, flairs and LTI.  
      Dragonfly Ride Together 2 Pack (2-in-1) Aopoa Nox Kue (Limited Edition White) Aopoa Nox 2 Pack Anvil Carrack Anvil Terrapin Argo Cargo MPUV Drake Buccaneer Drake Dragonfly Yellow/Black (ASK) Esperia Vanduul Blade Misc Hull-E | 550USD  Misc Prospector Origin 85X (Last 2)  
      CCUs, and other Upgrades
      You can also opt to purchase an LTI token from the above and I'll CCU it towards the any of the ships below that you desire.  
      Banu Merchantman *Popular, Limited Stock* Carrack *Popular, Limited Stock* RSI POLARIS *Limited Stock* 350R Esperia Blade Super Hornet F7C-M Hornet Wildfire F7C Gladiator Gladius Valiant Esperia Prowler Mustang Delta Caterpillar Freelancer MIS Anvil Crucible Sabre Sabre Comet Vanguard Warden Genesis Starliner Orion Miner Terrapin Avenger Warlock Retaliator Bomber Retaliator Base Prospector Khartu Al M50 Interceptor  
      **Miscellanous, Game Packages and Stuff**  
      Vanguard Warden BUK, 24mth | 20USD 300i Game Package w/SQ42 & Star Citizen | 65USD  325a Game Package w/SQ42 & Star Citizen | 80USD  Aurora MR Starter w/SQ42 & Star Citizen | 45USD  SQ42 Themed Aurora MR Starter w/SQ42 & Star Citizen | 45USD  UEE Exploration Pack, LTI | 495USD  Citizencon 2947 Trophy | 10USD Gamescom 2946 Trophy | 10USD Kastak Arms SMG Citizen 2947 Edition | 10USD  
      Kindly note that all are cash prices, I do not accept RSI Credits or other forms of trade.    
      Feel free to drop me PMs to enquire further, thank you. I may take awhile to respond, but will do as soon as I can.  
      I do accept middlemen, however you would need to cover any additional fees.  

      **Terms & Conditions**  
      *Please kindly be Paypal Verified as well as being RSI Flaired for transaction purposes.  
      **I reserve the right to decline trades at my own discretion especially when dealing with recent-flaired/new accounts.
    • By Chimaera
      So I was at CIG LA when I first saw the 600i and I fell in love with the look, but the more that I think about the game and the roles of ships I have, I don't see a reason for having my 600i Explorer when I already have a Carrack. Yes, pretty and all that, but not really seeing why I should keep it over the others. As for the Cat. I never really liked it as a ship, and the thought of having a dropship replace it would be great. 
    • By EScavenger
      I am looking to buy an M50 to Prospector for a decent price.  Please let me know if you have one you want to sell
    • By makute
      Welcome to Makute's Store. All prices are in USD dollars with PayPal fees already included. After payment of invoice, the purchased items will be gifted to your Paypal email.

      A lot of things happened lately. The Anniversary Sale show that Star Citizen is in better shape than ever, and with 2.6 in the horizon, what surprises await us?
      Game Packages*
      M50 Interceptor > $130 - 2 years - Upgraded from an Aurora MR+ game package Advanced Hunter (Avenger Stalker) > SOLD Scout Package (Aurora MR) > SOLD Pathfinder Package (Origin 315P) > SOLD Weekend Warrior (F7C-M Super Hornet) > $250 - LTI -  Model II Arclight Sidearm, Game Soundtrack and digital Star Map *(Packages includes both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 games, and access to every alpha and beta modules.)  
      CCU'd Limited Standalone Ships
      Retaliator Bomber > $265 - LTI Esperia Blade > $250 - LTI Vanguard Warden > $250 - LTI Super Hornet > $165 - LTI Banu Merchantman > $250 - LTI Freelancer MIS > $165 - LTI Anvil Gladiator > $165 - LTI Xi'an Khartu-al > $170 - LTI Cutlass Blue > $180 - LTI Avenger Titan Renegade > $85 - LTI Gladius Valiant > $125 - LTI F7C Hornet Wildfire > $190 - LTI Sabre Comet > $200 - LTI  
      Original Sale & Limited Standalone Ships
      Origin 315P > $95 - LTI Origin 325A > $100 - LTI Origin 350R > $150 - LTI Cutlass Pirate Pack > $165 - LTI Xi'an Khartu-al > $160 - 2 years Cutlass Pirate Pack upgraded to Blue > $200 - LTI (includes Tractor Beam, Docking Collar, Skull and Crossbones Skin and Advocay Tools) ON HOLD Starfarer Tanker > $260 - LTI RSI Orion > SOLD  
      Upgrades and BUKs
      Aurora MR to Aurora LX > $15 Taurus to Sabre > $40 Taurus to F7C Hornet Wildfire > $45 Taurus to Khartu-Al > $40 Taurus to Freelancer MIS > $30 Taurus to Sabre Comet > $55 Andromeda to Merchantman > $45 Aquila to Vanguard Harbinger > $15 Aquila to Orion > $80 325A to Warlock > $30 Redeemer to Vanguard Sentinel > $30 Avenger to Mustang Delta > $15 325a to Avenger Titan Renegade > $15 Gladius to M50 Interceptor > $25 Cutlass Black to Gladius Valiant > $25 Cutlass Red to 350R > $15 F7C-S Hornet Ghost to Prospector > $30 F7C-S Hornet Ghost to Freelancer MAX > $30 F7C-R Hornet Tracker to Cutlass Blue > $25 Retaliator Cargo Rear Module LTI > $50 Retaliator Living Rear Module LTI > $50
        RSI Credits*
      $275 credits SOLD (Not available) *(RSI credits will be sent in the form of an Aurora ES standalone -6 months insurance- upgraded to a Constellation Aquila.)
      Suscriber Flair and Special Items
      15% Suscriber Discount Coupon* > $60 Opera Mushroom > $6 Conner’s Beard Moss > $6 Space Cactus - Kavische > $6 Space Flower - Emperor Blossom > $6 The Puglisi Collection: AV8 Battle Armor Replica > $6 Locker from Another Universe > $6 Takuetsu Series Mustang Beta > $6 Takuetsu Mini Hornet F7C-R Model > $6 Takuetsu Mini Reliant Kore Model > $6 Takuetsu Mini Aegis Sabre > $6 Takuetsu Mustang Gamma Model > $6 Takuetsu Origin M50 > $6 Takuetsu Starfarer > $6 Takuetsu RSI Constellation Phoenix 2944 > $6 PAX 2944 Trophy - 2944 > $20 Gamescom 2946 - Subscriber Trophy > $20 Gamescom 2946 - Subscriber Hangar Trophy > $20 UEE Enviroment Coat > $20 Model II Arclight Sidearm > $20 *(Usable on the RSI store, on any puchase up to $500, except physical items, buybacks and purchases made with credits.)