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Aurora MR vs Mustang

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So I just got the game last week and was unsure which ship package to pick to start since I don't really understand all the mechanics and features they provide. I ended up buying the Aurora MR since it was one of the cheaper ones, just wondering if I made the right decision or if the Mustang is superior

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Generally that depends on what you want to do. The MR is a decent ship for starting, especially if you're into a bit of trading/hauling. The Mustang's more maneuverable, so a bit better for dogfights, but you can't really store much in it if you're wanting to haul. 

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i personally think you made the right choice on starter ship. Firstly, the Aurora is getting a complete revamp in 3.0. The Mustang’s is further away. Second, for getting used to the game and seeing what you want to do,  the Aurora is capable. I do see you upgrading to something better soon, though. Truth is, neither of these are particularly great ships.


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Stock, the Mustang is the better-equipped of the two, but the Aurora MR has the most upgrade potential and will likely have the most roles. Plus, the Aurora has undergone a new pass which will have made the ship ready for 3.0.

But, if you want something more...


The Avenger Titan is a $25 upgrade which will give you a much better all-around ship.


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It's hard this early on choosing the "best" ship..... it really depends on your gameplay style ... what you plan to do/profession ...

My advice for a package (on the cheaper side) would be the Aurora, to me its more of a "jack of all trades" type ship (great at none but okay overall) making it a good starter! Most of the Game packages are good (depending on what you want) but in my opinion, i would stay away from the Reliant Kore & hornet F7C


- Overall buying advice -

If you really want to spend $$$

  • Think of how you would like to play
  • Then find ships that can fit that style
  • Then get one that you like the idea of/look of

Ship stats are always changing, but overall gameplay/look of said ship shouldn't change (much)


Otherwise wait till a free fly week and try the ships then buy from there


If youre still not sure ... SAVE your money and get it in game  (when the game comes out SoonTM )

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