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    • By hatamoto911
      Hello everyone,
      i started out playing star citizen 2 weeks ago and fell in love with the deep universe and everything to discover. I recently read about organizations and informed myself about a lot of different ones. For me, Imperium, including everything it stands for and wants to accomplish, sounds awesome and i would love to be a part of it. Tho i have to admit, i will not be able to play for hours on a daily basis, since work and family consume quite some time
    • By Deehoss
      Hi guys,
      Just applied. Looking forward to hanging out and getting into game with y'all!
    • By Harambe
      not new to SC but new to this site, nice place you all have here:) this is my fleet.

    • By RSLtaken
      Hi all, just asked to join today. Most people just call me taken. I am 32, from the UK. I am interested in all parts of military and industry. And have spent way to much on this game, like most of you. So i have ships for a lot of jobs I want to do. I look forward to working with you in game. If that shooting people in the face or selling stuff that way over priced and making us rich. Hope to see you all in game. 
    • By TheGreatAxio
      Hi, I've been playing star citizen for a few months before alpha 2.0 was released. I have an avenger, khartu-al, cutlass, gladius, and a connie. I will probably buy more ships as we get closer to release but I'm satisfied where I am with my loadout and I was looking for a little more commitment with my play and I recognized imperium from eve. Not sure if this is the same org but I'm really looking forward to seeing where this org can take me as this massive game keeps getting better and better. I'm not a big teamspeak guy and was wondering if there was a discord alternative, if not I'll gladly reinstall teamspeak. Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you all!