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Hey everyone. Im new to the site not at all new to the game. I found this site from imperium told me to sign up so i did. So now im here saying hellom 

Ive been backing this game for 2 maybe 3 years now. I was in charge of SAR wing in my old unit (left due to lack of activity). I'm also more into trying to help others. 

Don't know what else to say lol. If you have any question feel free to ask

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5 minutes ago, Gallitin said:

Welcome, and thanks for the donation!

Thanks and no problem!

29 minutes ago, Tom Villder said:

Welcome to the Base!


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17 hours ago, KKillroyV2 said:

Welcome to Imperium (too late to run now)


The next step is to join the Teamspeak, Hop in my channel, and become part of the cult!

I worship the great sand worm. PRAISE BE THE WORM!

Thanks for the warn welcome!

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    • By Jordy
      Hello all,
      I want to thank you for accepting my application. First thing i noticed about this community is that it is very well organized. I really like the structure and the way an application is been tested before accepting. Good stuff!
      So let me tell you abit about myself. As you probably have noticed my native language is not English so sorry for any grammar mistakes i make. I am a 28 year old Dutchman, who is really into simulation games, especially milsim. I previously was part of a MilSim community that was run by Mage. I was the CO of the Aviation part of the unit. I absolutly loved to do this because i really like flying, however all good things comes to an end, but then something came up and that was called StarCitizens. Mage introduced me to this game and i was hyped beyond anything i had ever seen. I wanna be part of something big and this is it! 
      My daily life can be a bit busy these days because of my job. I am currently in the Dutch Military, but this wont stop me for playing some games when i have the time. If you boys have any questions or wanna know more about feel free to PM me.
      Have nice evening!
    • By UbiQiTos
      Hi, I joined Imperium three weeks ago and haven't really been as active with the community for different reasons such as finishing work being really, really sick and more and thought I should say hello.

      I'm a Swede in his mid 20's and you can call me Ubi. I have been a long time follower of SC since 2011 but never joined for many reasons with life sometimes being in your way of your true calling... ^^

      Long time gamer with lots of FPS in teams, as well played flight simulators when I was young but got tired of them because I didn't find planes interesting but spaceships on the other hand is pure fun, just haven't been any as fun as it is in SC. I got a Avenger Titan at the moment and looking to acquire more in time.

      I hope it will be a fun journey.

      PS: (I'm really unsure you can even say 'peacefully inept'..... please tell me if it's incorrect) (⊙ ω ⊙)
    • By Lanfere
      Greetings fellow Citizens!
       I joined Imperium last night and wanted to drop by and introduce myself to the community.
      I am an Ohio based player with close to 20 years worth of gaming. You will typically find me in Arena Commander where I am endlessly trying to improve my combat skills. I was introduced to Imperium by XLB and SpaceMoose who I've been flying with for a few weeks. I am happy to be a part of an organized group of citizens and look forward to seeing you guys around the verse!
    • By lonewolfassassin29
      Hello: new to SC and everything in it. I have a Constellation Aquila. I might be looking into the Endeavor in Nov or Christmas. I am basing this on finding a good crew that wishes to become a part of the best support/multi-role ship in the fleet. I am thinking modules like the hanger, medical and ID beacon at this time. I am sure the Constellation Aquila will be a great stepping stone to learn systems and positions best suited for each crew member. Going forward I am sure to make friends and a strong crew to augment the strength of the fleet.
    • By Oreq
      My name is Oreq and I am new to Star Citizen.  I have played many MMORPGs and know that finding a good guild is important to enjoyable game play.  I have been doing much research and believe you have a top notch guild.  If allowed to join, I know I will contribute greatly to the cause...