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Star Citizen Reddit Org Flair Rundown

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>Compares SC org flair to EVE flair

Yes, because Star Citizen has been around for well over a decade where a pecking order has long since been established, and breaking from that establishment and starting petty squabbles can lead to real monetary consequences.






Oh wait, I'm thinking of Star Trek Online.


>Makes a point about how someone might look into and join an org based on seeing multiple users with the flair

Which would only help TEST.


I said it in the last thread, and I'll say it again:

Star Citizen is too young and has such an insular community for real drama to be occurring. Any drama there is within the community reverberates in an echo chamber. If the drama reaches its peak, an outsider in the game's press decides to write an article about it and suddenly we all look like idiots with more money than sense. Then people who may have been genuine interested get pushed away because they don't want to dive into an already toxic community.

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23 minutes ago, Ostia said:

Everyone is entitled to thier own opinion. I'm just telling you all ahead of time, org flairs will be back.

wooo now there will be a reddit thread that Montoya, Test and Imperium leadership are plotting with Mods to return Org flair :)


OK jokes aside I actually agree with Montoya that there will be a time when it will be almost mandated from reddit and everyone will call for them to be implemented. Like when there are org tags in the game and PU is running then ppl want that mirrored on reddit as org flair. So maybe this was just a little premature so it caused the outrage but will naturally return.

One thing though the problem with only Top Orgs getting it could be the same CIG might have to think about when addressing the topic of Org specific decals that has been mentioned a couples of times by backers.

Unless they do a complete client only system where its not really uploaded to servers (or they just do the shape generator thing of course).


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