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[WTS] WoTB Account With 8 Premium Tanks (BT-SV) And All GuP Event Tanks

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Hi, :)
Im Selling My WoTB Account With 8 Premium Tanks In The Garage
If You Want To Trade With Me , Ill Accept Only World of Tanks EU Accounts!
PM Me Your Trade offer or Price! (Payment : Paypal Please)
This Account Is For The EU Region
Gold : 225
Credits : 3 736 555
Free XP : 2 104
Premium Tanks:
T7 Car
BT-SV (Rare)
M3 Light
BT-7 Art.
Pz. IV Anko
Kuro Mori Mine
Hetzer Kame SP
Normal Tanks:
T71 (6 216 XP)
Pz. IV (5 456 XP)
VK 36.01 H (14 378 XP)
MT-25 (11 501 XP)
T-34 (15 739 XP)
KV-1S (1 243 XP)
KV-2 (927 XP)
Thanks For Reading! ;)

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    • By OskarH
      updated 19.05.2020
      store credit sold
      I haven't played the game in 2 years so I'm trying to get rid of the 2 accounts I have as I can't get refund on them, I'm the sole owner of them and always have.
      Account 1:
      Carrack (orignally Nox and then upgraded to carrack, $495 when I do exchange )
      10 usd store credit
      2x cf-227 panther repeater34,000 uec
      Account 2:
      125 usd store credit
      5000 uec
      The Carrack is not giftable and as nothing is is then easily giftable then I'm willing to sell this cheaper, was thinking of starting with $400 and see how it goes.
      pm me for info or for discord info, prefer if we knew some of the same people.
    • By baylander
      Want to sell my whole account, as I wont have the time to be playing this game in the future.
      Starting Price: 1350$ or better bid.
      It consists of the following packages:
      Veteran Backer & Golden Ticket Account
      Package - UEE Exploration 2948 Pack (LTI):
          Anvil Carrack Expedition with Pisces Expedition     Crusader Mercury Star Runner with Night Runner Skin     Misc Freelancer MIS     Argo Mole     Aegis Sabre Including Storecredit: 0 Dollar
      UEC: 2000 UEC
      Buy Pack Pledge:
          Digital Scout LTI Orginal     Standalone Ship - Anvil Aerospace Arrow Anniversary 2018 Warbond Upgraded to Cutkass Black     Package - Anvil Aerospace Arrow Anniversary 2018 Pack Warbond Don't contact me if you do not have verified PayPal & a sales/purchase history.

    • By SkyLordOwen
      I'm moving and need to lighten the amount of stuff to transport. For this reason, I am selling my copy of Jump Point Vol.2
      It's a normal, hardcover copy of Jump Point Volume 2 which I purchased when they first came available. The book was leafed through once, and has been in a glass cabinet since arriving. I have had to put it glad warp as I just sold the cabinet. I don't have the original packing but I can shipping it to with all the polystyrene you need.
      Shot me a PM and we can begin talking.

    • By iShepard
      My RSI account is on sale for only 300 USD and includes 365 USD store credit! PM me for details if you are interested!
    • By pubicbeard
      I want to sell my account due to recent financial issues and general loss of interest in the game and its development progression, I had high hopes for this game but ultimately its steering away from what I expected the product would possibly end up be, hence why I am interested in selling my account.
      The account has STORE$0.00 USD UEC¤4,500 UEC REC¤8,621 REC
      The total Melt/Exchange value is $660 USD [Including the KASTAK ARMS CUSTODIAN SMG - CITIZENCON 2947 EDITION skin].
      I want to sell my account for $500 USD [includes Paypal fees] but I am willing to negotiate for a more favorable price.
      My Paypal account is verified.
      Since my handle name might not be preferable to allot of people you are in luck, there is still 1x Handle Name changer.
      The ships are unfortunately not trade able but can still be melted for their full value.
      It has acouple display titles [image provided underneath]
      You can both Contact me here and on discord: Pubicbeard#3234 .
      If you have any questions you wish to ask me directly feel free to contact me anytime.
      The hanger contains: 
      ~ Banu Merchantman [upgraded from STANDALONE SHIP - AOPOA NOX LTI]
      ~ Drake Buccaneer [upgraded from STANDALONE SHIP - ANVIL HAWK LTI]
      ~ RSI Constellation Taraus [upgraded from STANDALONE SHIP - X1 FORCE EDITION - LTI]

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