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MFG Rudder Pedals and Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Settings

Hey all,


I have been around since the wing commander days of old on my dx66!


Been playing the alpha game on my old saitek on my old sandy bridge ME4. Since upgraded today to a new APEX motherboard and 7700k and decided to splurge and picked myself up some goodies.


Enter HOTAS and MFG pedals.......


I cannot get them to work! Anyone know a good work around as I have tried a few custom uploads to my TARGET but for the life of me I am so old school and used to plug and play.



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I have them as well, for a while I was making my own target builds and putting them up on a make to site I made for others. Howerver, with as often as the controls were changing over the last 3 years I stopped. Best bet right now is to make your own. Go in and print out/have open the controls from star citizen keyboard. Then open and edit the premade Star Citizen build (a lot easier for the pitch and yaw dynamic settings than trying to do it yourself), and edit the buttons to how you want it based off their keyboard controls. This way it keeps the sensitivity setting for the throttle and the joystick correct, it took me a couple weeks to figure out how to get it to go from anything other than 0 and 100.

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It should be the same, when I have them hooked they show up in the program. I take the configuration file that is saved and then edit it. on the main screen it gives the options of what controllers to include. Just add the rudders and then set them to the role you want, pitch or roll etc.

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