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pyro nl

i can ask 1 question at gamescom, any1 with1 ?

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so i got a mail that i can send a question to tyler as im at gamescom. they wil randomly pick a question and ask a couple at the saturday event


(from mail)


Once the event is over, you will be able to submit a question to Tyler Witkin for Chris to answer during our event at the Hyatt Beer Garden the following Saturday afternoon. During the afternoon at the Hyatt, we will draw questions at random from those submitted and have them answered as best we can on the spott""
now i alrdy have my questions answered so does anyone have a good question to put into the bag ?
i do have to reply soonTM as i seem to have missed there original mail

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When 3.0? :P


More appropriate question: How do you envision capital ship gameplay with organisations working in the persistent universe? Will it be like 2 massive fleets (escorts etc.) as you see in Star Wars, or will it be more likely for 1 on 1 engagements? Will we even be able to have massive fleets in the same place in the PU?

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