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Cyclone Rover by Tumbril + Variants


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Looks like we need a new Manufacture for -, Tumbril Land Systems  




Greeting Citizens!

Vehicle enthusiasts know the name Tumbril. Formed in 2536, the company designed some of the earliest ground-based vehicles for the UPE Army. For centuries, it was a trusted name in dependable, off-road vehicles and HOVs. Although the company was forced to close down in 2862, the reputation of these vehicles lived on.

Now, Tumbril is back.

After carefully considering all the varied and exciting systems in the UEE, Tumbril has chosen Stanton system to extend a special invitation to active pilots around Crusader to pre-purchase this exciting new all-terrain vehicle.

For a limited time in this inaugural sale, Tumbril will be releasing a special edition of the Cyclone called the Dust Devil. Featuring a non-reflective matte black paint, the Dust Devil is perfect for land-based operations that require speed and discretion.

We know that your business is your life, so having dependable and reliable vehicles at your disposal can be the difference between a payday and a blown contract. That’s why we’d like you to consider the Cyclone or one of its dynamic module variants as an addition to your business.

The UEE Department of Transportation & Navigation

With the unveiling of the new Cyclone, Tumbril wanted to remind you that some businesses require a Class-G license to operate vehicles like the Cyclone. To that end, Tumbril has teamed up with the Department of Transportation and Navigation to provide a direct link to the appropriate written exam to get you rolling.

Get your Class- G commercial Drivers License here!

About the Pre-Sale

The Tumbril Cyclone pre-sale will run through July 20. Pre-sale Cyclones include a limited edition Tumbril Stock forum badge and limited skin which will not be available with the standard model. Credit models and additional multi-ship packs will be available in the full sale, as will a brochure, holoviewer model and additional concept material.

$40.00 USD
$230.00 USD

Tumbril Returns



Dear Sir/Madam,

For hundreds of years, Tumbril Land Systems created some of the most enduring and iconic land vehicles of their time. Now, thanks to Terrence Naban's DevCo Financial Group, they're back. The brand new Tumbril Land Systems promises to not only bring their legacy designs into the 30th century, but is also proud to announce the unveiling of a brand new vehicle to usher in the new era of ground-based dominance.


We're proud to invite you to a special unveiling of this dynamic new vehicle and be a part of this exciting new business venture.

Yours truly,

Terrence Naban
Acting CEO
Tumbril Land Systems


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28 minutes ago, Amy Babe said:

VERY disapointed ...


Yeah, I think I prefer the Ursa at $50 which already has a turret on top and can be used for either carrying cargo or as an APC because it also has 4 dropseats in the back.

I mean, $40 Warbond ($45 credit) for an unarmed 2 seat dune buggy? I think I'd rather have an armed APC at $50. :P

27 minutes ago, Porcupine said:

I have to ask - if "Tumbril Cyclone" is the buggy, what exactly is the "Limited Cyclone Dirt Devil"? Or if that's the buggy, then what's the former?

The Dirt Devil is the matte black paint version. So basically it's a different skin for your buggy.


Looking at the original $45-$70 announcement it makes me wonder...




A Cyclone for all seasons! This pack includes all five Cyclone variants: the CYC base, the CYC-RC racer, the CYC-TR turreted version, the CYC-RN recon model and the CYC-AA anti-aircraft variant. Whichever you choose, there’s a job to do.


  • CYC base $45 ($40 is for cash only war bond) has an open flatbed in the back for cargo
  • CYC-RC racer $50?
  • CYC-TR turret $55? (2xS1 just like the Ursa?)
  • CYC-RN recon $60?
  • CYC-AA anti-aircraft $70? (with maybe 4 useless S1 missiles?)


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2 minutes ago, Amy Babe said:

so now i get ready for the Q&A:


does it fit into a nox?

Well, actually I was wondering just that (okay almost...) - then I just shrugged and pretty much given up hope of seeing CIG offer any land vehicle that fits into any small ship. Given that, it's not much use to me even if it would otherwise be rather handy.

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56 minutes ago, Danakar Endeel said:


  • CYC-TR turret $55? (2xS1 just like the Ursa?)



2 minutes ago, Devil Khan said:

Why did you start a second one for the same topic anyway? Ego much? :D

Start a "second" one - I don't get it?


Here is an "Test" on https://robertsspaceindustries.com/dtn/








The Department of Transportation and Navigation (DTN) is in charge of regulating intersystem travel across the Empire with the goal of creating reliable and safe travel for all. In addition to providing funds for general improvements to travel infrastructure, the DTN also invests in research and development to ensure that our policies advance alongside today's leading technology. Travel safe!



Some businesses require an official DTN Commercial Operator's License (COL) in order to contract work with them. This Class-G small land vehicle license helps ensure that operators understand safety practices that will help them and their cargo get where it is going. To apply for a Class-G COL you must first successfully complete the following written exam.






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12 minutes ago, VoA said:

Per image - think it looks cool B)


Sure it looks cool but I doubt those Sabres will be impressed by a buggy lobbing a few S1 missiles at them. :P

I think the Cyclone will be more intimidated by the S3 guns on those Sabres when they do a strafing run. ;)

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1 minute ago, Danakar Endeel said:

Sure it looks cool but I doubt those Sabres will be impressed by a buggy lobbing a few S1 missiles at them. :P

I think the Cyclone will be more intimidated by the S3 guns on those Sabres when they do a strafing run. ;)

As it should be considering the Sabre is around 2x to 3x the expense of a Cyclone

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1 hour ago, FoxChard said:

Yeah...as someone who does AA for a living I can tell you the real life value of the AA variant is...well it's...it probably won't deter anyone. 

About as useful as this abominable amalgamation of metal.


Hopefully the Turreted version has more firepower than the Ursa.

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Warning: Cyclones Can Not Be CCUed To Other Ships


^^^^ This was a bad decision by CIG (eveyone knows I am normally very supportive)...... CIG will get a lot of flak.... and a lot of CS tickets on this one... :(

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7 hours ago, AstroJak said:

I dont think they will get lots of CS tickets, now that people know, before the sale ramps up because most wont buy for the lti option as they did on mass with the nox.

Sent from my LG-H812 using Tapatalk

Not really, the Ursa didn't know know what LTI was (or is?) and people bought it.  The amount it made was $243k say minus $43k. It took in $200k in less than 12 hours so far. Only two are for per warbond. They are the complete pack and the basic buggy. 

Also the CS get thousands of stupid tickets about anything :D EG "What is the colour matt black when it's sunny?". Matt black is a pretty nice colour skin compared to its default.

The LTI is always a thing on the ursa and buggys shouldn't and doesn't have any CCU with spaceships.

I'm kinda disappointed as the "variants" don't really do much except the turret which I am guessing adds an extra seat. However the most basic ships Aurora  MR and P-52 both carry weapons, the Aurora has a full "warp" in a system and can carry a sizable cargo as well as a bed. Another thing is the wind shield... they call it a SHIELD to protect rocks from hitting you directly as well as bugs. There seems to be filler rather than usefulness.

Also that concept pic, the wheels are reversed or the designed  really hates people who bought them and wheels they are not since they don't have a center of balance. However, the style looks good and I am sure that the devs will put the wheels on correctly instead of reverse. 


VoA there already was a topic about this topic and having two topics kinda stupid as  have to go back and forth between the two. 

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Well, I think it looks great.

If anyone writes a concern note to CS about this sale, well, they need to stop moaning. They sell several LTI tokens per year and in my mind its fairly ridiculous. They should have stopped doing LTI sales altogether back in 2013 and told everyone else, sorry, but you buy your hull insurance in game when it comes out.

The Ursa standalones should be granted LTI retroactively, and I'm sure that this will happen once Turbulent figures out how to do it. Otherwise, a PR debacle within the community will ensue...not that will stop people from buying more stuff.

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