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Genius Behind Electronica

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  • Similar Content

    • By Gremlich
      Found this guy, Mr. Hasgaha, on Youtube. He uses Pedro's music a bit.
    • By sbaitso
      Hey all,
      I know the drummer in the band Hazen.  They're new and just released their first home brew music video on youtube.  I figured I'd share it with you fine peeps.
    • By Bartfresse
      Hey everyone!
      I have created a Star Citizen Playlist for all those, who would like to listen to "old" tapes, while space trucking or exploring :). I am currently getting quite some love for it on the Deep Space Radar so if you want you can head over and give it a listen. There should be something for every taste :). In it you will find instrumental/Orchestral tunes followed by uplifting songs inspired by various films/shows/games such as Cowboy Bebop, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. , pretty much suited for all professions such as explorers, space truckers, racers, fighters etc.
      If you like my playlist, feel free to upvote it and comment and of course leave some feedback here, I will read through all and respond :). Thank you!
      To adventure!

    • By DirtDiverTwo9
      I know a lot of you like me watch ATV RTV and 10 for the (...) well this weeks MVP Utho Riley-Channel link >( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw-eYgx9Eu4bF1kHLqTZ33A )was super crazy deserved and doesn't have the subscriptions or views that he is owed for what I imagine is a 100's of hours of work..... Check him out give a sub and please share this Citizens hard work!!! P.s For our Content creators in Imperium or on the base his music is all Fair Use and only ask to be credited just check out his channel!!!
      Edit- So I was just talking to Utho Riley he explained that his music is Freeware and the Copyright info in in each of his video description, Also I asked him how many working hours he has, his reply "So there is 48 songs in my Star Citizen playlist, an average 4 minutes long tracks take 15 hours to produce from start to finish including EQ, Sampling and writing. I'd estimate 720 hours?" ......720 hours personal time spent. wow I'm mean just wow! so if you do use one of Utho Riley's creation please credit Utho, and don't forget to go and give a listen, a subscribe and remember Citizens-Fly safe and Shoot straight