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39 minutes ago, Fizzlefuse said:

a salvager's dream, really. This is what ive been wanting since day 1. all I need now is my reclaimer, a dedicated crew and a universe to explore:D

You can be on my Reclaimer, the Buffalo :P 

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3 hours ago, Rocket Man said:

LOL, I may have to balance my time being a crew member on a Reclaimer...

Well, as you can see, there are enough Reclaimers (and their captains) to choose from:D
All teasing and poking fun aside, I wouldn't mind being a crew member now and then on another Reclaimer, be it @Shootter's, @Donut's or @GeraldEvans's... or any other Imperium Reclaimers, as far as I can tell we're all good folk here.
We call all learn from eachother and provide support. If one Claw does not suffice, maybe many will do. Us junkers and repairbears should stick together :D

I also just want to be a crew member on a large freighter.. or a capital ship. Id love to be a dropship pilot/copilot, a miner on a Orion, a engineer on a Crusible, a researcher on a Endeavor.. etc. There are so many things in the Star Citizen universe to do, I think it would be a shame just sticking to one thing:D

Heck, I'd love to be the Chewbacca to someone else's Han Solo, flying the ship, fixing things and being the backup while they go shoot Greebo in a bar. I'm not quite as hairy.. or tall.. or strong..  but i can go Rraaarrrr! ;) that counts for something, right?

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