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Finally finished. Everything plugged in and set up. Fan speeds were finely tuned and I'm happy with the results. Got the whole RGB thing going, so I can fit in with the cool kids 😁. Yes, that is a G600 MMO Mouse from my Star Wars the Old Republic early days, found it at the bottom of old hardware boxes in the garage (works like a charm still after all these years). Just in time for 3.0. Also, does anyone know how I can get back to Imperium team speak? Is there a link within the forums?


Here's some pics and specs:


-I5-7600k unlocked ( would have wished to overclock - but too scared to take the plunge )

-Asus Strix B250h mobo ( besides, i don't think this supports OCing )

-Kingston 2133 8gb Ram (nothing fancy)

-Intel m.2 ssd 128gb 

-Western Digital 2tb blue 7200rpm (i think)

-H55 AiO ( yes i know, but this is great for a novice like me for the first time) 

-Cooler Master CX 550m bronze 80+ semi modular

-2x cooler master jet flo 120mm fans (options of quiet/max performance 3pin adapters) 

-Cooler masterbox lite 5 case with  1x 120mm pre-installed fan. 

-Monitor is a asus 23.6" led 5ms 1920x1080 

-Keyboard is from the cooler master masterkey s lite until i get my hands on a red mech kb

-Any questions feel free to ask! 😁

Ps. Im looking forward to my next build! 




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      Hey everyone, I mentioned earlier that I will be somewhat returning to get involved with this community, and that time has come sooner then expected. I've scrapped together $2500 Australian Dollars to push myself back into the PC community. Does anyone from Sydney etc. Melbourne know of a good PC website that can sell, insure and deliver finished builds? Anyone with any information is very welcome. My uni schedule requires a 5 day full-time timetable, so I'm not really free for putting together a build. Anyone with great recommendations within Australia, or outside (has to be free shipping and tax  ) on some PC websites is welcome.
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      I have a 2 monitor setup and sometimes when gaming/doing stuff on my main/primary monitor the 2nd monitor to my side would go into a sort of "sleep" mode where it just goes black and wont ever come back on.
      Windows that are on that screen are still there and can be interacted with. The screen still comes up in display settings and is being picked up but its just all black
      The only way to solve the problem is to turn the monitor off (which sends all my open windows to the main monitor) and then turn it back on, it will then go back to normal and act normally for a while then randomly go black again.
      There is no way to make the issue occur, sometimes after hours of gaming it doesn't come up once, sometimes 30 - 40 mins in it happens.
      Having something playing on the 2nd screen seems to make it happen less or flat out stops the issue from occurring/reoccurring, but that could just be luck as it has gone black while YouTube for example is playing.
      As far as im aware nothing from the software side "should" be effecting it as nothing has really been installed that is new/hasn't been on the system before and also caused the issue, though an update to some app might be doing it.
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      As some of you may be aware, over the last 2-3 months I have been speccing out, and then building my new gaming monster. Whilst it's name is still a work in progress (if anyone has any good ideas, I would appreciate it), I have now completed it and am using it (I forgot how much of a bitch it is to setup a new PC software wise...). Without further ado, I present the Imgur album of my new PC.
      i7 6850k (OC'd to 4.4ghz) Asus Rampage 5 Edition 10 Motherboard 64gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000 DDR4 Samsung 960 Pro 1tb nvme SSD 2x Samsung 850 evo 1tb SSD Corsair AX 1500i Power Supply 2x Nvidia Titan X Pascal (2050mhz clock, 10200 Memory) Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Case: Thermaltake Core W100 (Hard to find anything that would fit my rad overkill)
      EK D5 Pump PWM EK 360mm Coolstream XE Radiator EK 560mm Coolstream CE Radiator EK X-RES 250 EK FC-Titan X (Pascal) and Backplate (x2) EK Rampage V Edition 10 RGB monoblock (cools PCH and CPU and VRM) EK EKoolant UV Green PETG 16mmOD Tubing Other:
      EVGA HB SLI Bridge Cablemod Modflex Lime Green sleeved cables (UV reactive) Cablemod UV Magnetic Strips (4x 60cm)  
      Firestrike Results: http://www.3dmark.com/fs/11348319
      GPU temp under load hit a max of 46C, CPU hit a max of 71C. The fans didn't even have to go up beyond ~40%
      Now I just need that 144hz 4k monitor Asus announced at CES...

    • By Doopsums
      Well the Gpa came over for the holidays, saw my sweet ass rig (courtesy of @Juntau and the SCB community), and said "Here is a $1000 bucks. I want a pc that is fast and cool like yours." I said "Alright Grandpa, but only if we team up later to play some Overwatch and pwn some n00bs!"
      So my Grandpa is 86 years old, obviously he is not going to be a power user playing VR games everyday. Just needs something that is fast, efficient, and affordable. Obviously the budget is $1000. Doesn't need to be a power house gaming rig either. Light internet surfing, email, excel sheets, and copying data/pictures now and then. He would also like for it to have the ability to "play games" (I'm not even sure he knows how to install them LUL).
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      https://pcpartpicker.com/list/M2tfVY = $1138
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       Black and White Themed I love the NZXT Case and Water Cooler that I picked currently - not changing these two items Would like to keep these so I can overclock the proc and get more performance out of the i5. MUST have an optical drive Would be nice to fit a brand new copy of windows 10 into the budget if possible. Would be nice if I could include one led light strip to accent the Whites/blacks Lets get this puppy under $1000! Feedback needed!