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Wild West Online

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I don't think this will be a "Survival" MMO 

But we should find out here with in the next couple months 


When Can I Play?

Dates are not final and subject to change

CLOSED ALPHA: Summer 2017

CLOSED BETA: Mid Fall 2017

GAME RELEASE: December 2017


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      Albion Online just launched a few days ago.  It seems to be a pretty cool MMORPG sandbox game.  I and a few friends have been playing it since launch so if anyone wants to get a leg up starting let me know and I'll help you out.  We already created a guild, Imperium Crusaders, and have a level 4 guild island.  If you start the game, travel to Forest Cross and make your start there as our Guild Island is accessible from Lymhurst.  Hope to see you fellas out there :-)
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      Sad days indeed, as Illfonic has decided to suspend development on Revival for now.
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