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    • By GeraldEvans
      Not sure anyone else here is interested, but Big JR (the guy who built the space suit locker 
      and the Sabre model
      , is back with CIG sanctioned custom furniture for sale.  It's worth noting (@Sub-Commander @Media Officer) that they will do org livery.  Interested parties can contact Kals@jrfabrication.co.uk regarding custom colors / liveries.  I reached out to them regarding the desk and suggested an end compartment for the opposite end that's a mini fridge.   They are a fan of the idea.

      They don't currently ship outside the EU/UK but are considering delayed orders until they can fill a shipping container in order to lower shipping costs.

      I want this desk.

    • By Narayan
      Obviously, it becomes a tradition - every new patch I do a video with a visual comparison of the previous and current patch.
      In the current build, 3.1, something turned out better, and something is on the contrary worse. I tried to show the main differences, but could miss something - if you know something else, write about it in the comments.
      The video turned out to be longer than I planned, so I added a timecode with a timetable of events - it can be found on YouTube, the first fixed comment.
      Enjoy watching!
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    • By jmitch42
      jmitch42 here.   pledged at base level about a year ago, but couldn't run it on my machine.  got a new rig about a month ago and got it fired up.  been a bit busy since then.  got gifted an upgrade to a titan, then i bought a cutlass black.  got a nox kue and now a cyclone as well.  all have lti except the cyclone.  fun times.  can't wait to see where this game is going.
    • By Narayan
      Greetings, citizens!
      Today I have a special gift for all Drake ship lovers
      The recent Marvel film, and specifically the first trailer of this film, inspired me to make this video. You may not like this style of music and this style of editing, but I tried to make this video in such a way that it all looked organic and exciting simultaneously. And judging by the feedback of my friends, who have already watched this video, my idea was more than successful. And I hope you will like it too!
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    • By easto1a
      Today I've been joined by TheNOOBIFIER1337 to discuss cargo improvements, server mesh tech and more for this episode of Ask The Devs Breakdown. The show is basically where I look at recent feedback from the Ask The Devs forum on Spectum, choosing answers to highlight.
      TheNOOBIFIER1337's Channel (Awesome guy!) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI-ybzjiaP2mSS81gaUxOiA