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Hello @Imperium Members!

I would like to make an announcement regarding the next two Imperium Game Day’s activities.
As you may know already Patch 3.0 is (not so rapidly) approaching and it’s within the realm of possibility that the next scheduled Game Day may fall on a date where PTU is out of Evocati and semi-public. It’s reasonable to expect some sort of layered release as usual and not everyone will have access at the same time. With that said here are the contingencies for the next Game Day.

Game Day for July will take place on the 29th.

  • If 3.0 is not in a semi-public PTU or still with Evocati we will treat this month’s Game Day as a last attempt to get some practice in on our EVA, FPS, and Flight skills before 3.0. You can expect the usual, Star Marine, Flight Training, Game modes like, Zombie mode, Drunken Citizen, etc..
  • If 3.0 is in semi-public PTU we will be indulging the patience of those who have been foaming at the mouth for months and will prioritize playing 3.0 and streaming it for those who might not yet have access. 
  • If in some unholy change of events Chris holds an impromptu naked drunken late night stream and releases 3.0 public, we will be holding an Official 3.0 Imperium Game Day Event with lots of giveaways / Prizes. I would expect this not to happen before the 29th, though I will elaborate on the 3.0 Public Release Event further down.

Of course, things get delayed and that is why we have plans for each option. We will learn more this Friday with the weekly 3.0 update. You can though, lock in the 29th as the date will not change, only the activities.

Previous Game Day:

Would like to thank everyone who attended last Game Day! We had lots of fun!
Special thanks goes out to @Cincinnatus and @Space-Moose who made a special effort to be present and provide flight training for anyone who wanted to practice. It’s not everyday you get to train with the best!

For those of you who don’t know these pilots are already offering something similar outside of Game Day aswell, so if you can’t make it for the one on Game Day, or just want to train a little more please check out this link where you can get more information regarding flight training:

Also, congratulations go out to @rimmer59 and @Nehmus who won gift cards.


Gameday 3.png

As mentioned in the contingency for this upcoming GameDay, we have special plans for the Public release of patch 3.0

Regardless of the date of the previous or future GameDay’s we are going to hold a special event to celebrate this long awaited patch the weekend of it’s release. Please understand that we may not be able to give much notice ahead of time but if you keep up with the CIG’s weekly updates you should have a good idea when to expect it. 

Of course, when we have a firm date we will post a much more flashy announcement and ping everyone via Forum/E-mail.

Please keep this special event in mind and join us the weekend of the public 3.0 launch. We promise you will not be disappointed. Some of you may even leave with a new ship in your hangar!

Details will be posted upon date confirmation from CIG. 



Standard Game Day Details

Joining Game Day
For those of you that want to make a return visit, or show up for the first time, you only need to enter the Landing Channel on TeamSpeak (ts.starcitizenbase.com), and one of our Hosts will direct you to the action!

If you decide to take part in on the fun, please consider recording any events you take part in, as we will be turning all footage we get into some excellent content, as you saw above!


Raffles and Prizes

As every other Game Day, we’ll be offering raffle prizes based on individual participation levels! Raffles will be based on individual activities during Game Day, so here is the list of raffles you can enter:

Participation Raffle - by checking in with a host in the Landing Channel, you can be entered
Arena Commander Raffle - by attempting any mode within Arena Commander, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered
Host Created event Raffle - by taking part in a Host Created event, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered
Custom Events Raffle - by taking part in an official Custom Event run, you will be entered into this final raffle
All the raffle prizes will be $10 RSI gift cards (Additional prizes may be provided, and will be announced at the start of Game Day)

Newbie Info

If you’re brand new to Star Citizen, we recommend getting in touch with us on Teamspeak or, checking this link out:



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I'll try my best to be on for this. Dogfighting practice and flight practice in general is my biggest weakness, and also the thing I really don't enjoy doing. :mellow: 


I finally finished my Headtracking setup and got a HOTAS and dual joysticks so I need to get online and put some effort into it.


I have most of the larger ships so let me know if you need to borrow any of them.

Ostia likes this

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Greetings Citizens !

I will try to be present this time; every other times were very unlucky for me and I couldn't be available, no matter how much I wanted to be. Last minute calls, unexpected tavels, you know the drill...
Now July 29th seems to be okay for me this time so i'll gladly join. Mind you, i won't be doing any FPS. I'm a pilot, not a soldier so i really suck at FPS while i'm quite okay at dogfighting. Better play to our strengths, right ?

Citizens, I salute you !

Ostia and macgivre like this

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