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Complete WTS LTI Polaris and LTI Redeemr

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    • By cmx1993
      Want to sell a Original Concept Pledge RSI Polaris LTI + 4 Items for 480 USD via paypal.
    • By Ainz Ooal Gown
      Hi people [WTB] Banu Merchantman LTI  For around $215 that's including paypal fees  if anyone got one would love to buy it from you  leave a msg & PM me if you have one for that price meany thanks.
    • By Switch
      Any questions please feel free to PM here or Discord - SwitchUnboxes#4447
      If you'd like middleman you cover their fee  I pay PP fees ------------------------
      890Jump - $910
    • By Rear Admiral Net
      You have to have verified PayPal account to buy ships from me. PM me if you are interested. Prices are not negotiable (however, in the case I get multiple offers before I respond to anyone I will contact everyone who PMed me if they are willing to pay more, the person offering most will get the ship. Should the price be the same the first person to contact me will get the ship).
      EDIT: Prices include PayPal fees
      LTI Captured Vanduul Scythe $949 SOLD
      LTI Origin 890 Jump $849 (also contains Takuetsu Origin 890 Jump and 890 JUMP Poster) SOLD
      LTI RSI Polaris Warbond edition $679 (569 EUR) (also contains Takuetsu Polaris Model, Polaris Poster, and Unique Polaris Serial Stamp*) SOLD
      LTI Banu Merchantman $269 SOLD
      I have some regular LTI ships, check out this thread to see them:
      *) I do not know what the unique number is.
      PS: I should reply to PMs within 24 hours.
    • By Wynthorpe
      I no longer want this ship, I dont see me having time to play this game any more with all the simracing i do. Looking for $125 including paypal fees for this.
      I am PayPal certified and expect buyer to be so. 
      Buy back value of $165 with a total of $246 spent to get to the Constellation Taurus