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Howdy ho @Imperium Member!

As this will probably be the last Game Day we have before 3.0 comes out, we figured it would be good idea to get some flight preparations going! But we'll of course keep the usual Star Marine Banter we all enjoy oh so much. We're also green this month! :D 


Firstly, let’s congratulate last months gift card winners; @Federal@moggimus and @Weehamster! three well deserving victors! 
Also, some applauds are in order for @Switch's amazing compilation of what transpired last Game Day. This is also a good reminder for everyone who has the capability, and interest to record to do so, the more footage the more amazing videos by people like Switch. :D If you have footage you wish to submit then go here: http://seafile.celeris.io:8000/u/d/66d5dde2f2/


 As we quickly mentioned at the beginning this next Game Day we’re going to offer flight instructions for the willing. We’ve asked some of the best pilots in Imperium to come in and give some tips and tricks to anyone who wants to improve or learn, now these pilots are of course @Cincinnatus and @Space-Moose
For those of you who have missed it, these pilots are already offering something similar outside of Game Day as well, so if you can’t make it for the one on Game Day, or simply want to be at your peek come Game day, read more here! 

Raffles and Prizes
As every other Game Day, we’ll be offering raffle prizes based on individual participation levels! Raffles will be based on individual activities during Game Day, so here is the list of raffles you can enter:
Participation Raffle - by checking in with a host in the Landing Channel, you can be entered
Arena Commander Raffle - by attempting any mode within Arena Commander, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered
Host Created event Raffle - by taking part in a Host Created event, completing it, and providing a screenshot, you will be entered
Custom Events Raffle - by taking part in an official Custom Event run, you will be entered into this final raffle
All the raffle prizes will be $10 RSI gift cards (Additional prizes may be provided, and will be announced at the start of Game Day)
Newbie Info
If you’re brand new to Star Citizen, we recommend getting in touch with us on Teamspeak or,  checking this link out: 

See you on the 24th!

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@Com. Serus Gant U can make it, I believe in you! 

I sadly wont be able to make it tho as it's midsummer, which means i'll be enjoying pickled and fermented herring in extreme volumes on a boat. ;)

Luckily we left the best people in charge of Game Day, our hosts will make sure things run as they should, and @Space-Moose with @Cincinnatus will be around to give flight instructions. :D

Happy midsummer everyone! 


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I was looking forward to being there tomorrow, but looks like I won't be back home and online until later in the day.

If I maths correctly, 1600 UTC is 0800 PST.. and I will most likely be gone from 7am to 6pm. :(

I hope there are still people playing then.

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1 hour ago, K!llsw!tch said:

TS was empty... :(

EDIT: I should note I got back a few hours hours later than I expected.

Dang it! Catch us on the next one! It's gonna be in 3.0 so there'll be lots of fun activities going around and i'm sure it'll be going on for alot longer then they have in the past :D 

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