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    • By tismoj
      I just need to know if the Referral Rewards for the PTV (after 5 Referrals) or the Gladius (after 10 referrals) were upgradable?
      and what insurance they came with?
      I know that the PTV is no longer for sale nor is it capable to be upgraded from, but if it was previously upgradable, even if you just got it as a reward, I was hoping to contest it to CIG.
      Hopefully somebody could answer, cause I have 4 kids that I am planning to get RSI acnts for each one, I'm just basically waiting for another one of those referral bonus ship promos, like the recent ones with the Dragonfly and Aurora ES. So I am most likely to get the PTV and maybe at most the Gladius but this one would be much later, i expect.
    • By Uthrac
      Hi Everyone!
      I figured out a way to get both a Gladius (w 6 MI) and a Dragonfly with only a small investment of $25.  You also get a few other cool rewards along the way.  I tested it out myself and it worked like a charm.  
      So how?
      By using the Referral program AND the 2017 Referral Contest concurrently- between now and Aug 8th it is possible to reap the rewards of both.  After this contest is up then it is still worth it just for the Gladius imo, since it is a $125 ship atm.
      Exactly how?
      That is up to you.  The goal is to earn 10 Referral Points (RP) linked to your account. I used Bing Ads, set up an account with the online chat.  Refused to put any money on it until AFTER I got the $100 coupon for new accounts (had to wait like 2 days for that), then I prepaid $25.  My ad on Bing has run 17 days now, and I have 58 prospects and 14 recruits.  I have spent $90 of my total $125 ad money so I am hopeful that I will get to Lt in the referral program (25 RP) before that amount dwindles to zero and I let it go idle.
      If someone is interested in doing the same I think it is a good bet and I would not mind helping you out in setting up the account and the ad.  From experience I think using Google ads is not worth it (they charge too much per click and per impression while Bing only charges per click), however Google and Bing are running similar ad coupons for new accounts.  
      What exactly can you get doing this now?
      You can check the status of the referral program and your referral code by going to YOUR RSI ACCOUNT and clicking REFERRAL PROGRAM (the Referral Contest link is embedded on the REFERRAL PROGRAM page)
      Below is the list from the RSI Referral Program webpage and below that is the list of rewards from the 2017 Referral Contest.
      Referral Rewards
        2017 Referral Contest Rewards      
      So if you like hangar flair and a Gladius short range patrol fighter/Dragonfly ship set then I think this is about the best deal out there right now- plus you promote Star Citizen which shouldn't hurt either :-)   You can check the status of the referral program and find your referral code by going to your MY RSI > MY ACCOUNT > REFERRAL PROGRAM (the Referral Contest link is embedded in the RANKING LADDER page)   Wish all you fellow Imperials (Imperiumals? haha) [orgmates in Imperium!] the best!   -Uthrac   This Post has been improved and edited by the Switchmeister  (thx Switch! lol)   VERY IMPORTANT EDIT as of 2017-07-06 I just discovered that one must ACTIVELY ENROLL in the 2017 Referral Contest.  From your My RSI > My Account > Referral Program > Ranking Ladder > 2017 Referral Contest page you must then select "Enter Contest" and agree to the terms!  This was poorly thought out by RSI to say the least, as most people I know also failed to find this and, like myself, assumed that the Referral Program is automatic, so the Referral contest would also be automatic.  I have submitted a customer service request on this issue and am hoping CIG will have the decency to automate enrollment.  Until then it would be wise to go to the page and Enter the Contest ASAP.
    • By EnumC
      I just realized they finally added new referral rewards above the old 42 RP. Did anyone get the new rewards? I'm still quite a bit away from the Million Mile High Club it seems...


    • By GeraldEvans
      A lot of us have given packages to people and while this is a great thing, we're all missing out on referrals because of it, and they're missing out on the extra UEC.
      This is my idea:
      * Set up an account for your recipient using your referral code.
      * Buy a package for them with your money on their account, and include a handle change pass.
      * Print out a certificate with the login info and gift that to your recipient.
      This way they can log in and change the email and the name they goes by, they also gets 5K additional UEC, and you get a referral.
      This is how I got into SC myself. My wife made me an account and bought me an Aquila package.  It was before referrals, but still a nice way to give SC.
    • By Snakebyte
      If someone creates an account with my referral, it says they have to buy a $40 packaged for me to get the credit. Can anyone confirm if it is $40 package or $40 spent. I want to gift my son a package and have him upgrade it, but don't know if this will give me the referral credit. If it does, it will double my number of referrals! LOL
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