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Complete Archeage Account - 5k+ GS - 55 Enigmatist / Revenant

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Level 55 Dwarf Mage (Enigmatist / Revenant) - Reckoning Server - 5k+ Gear Score

  • Complete T5 Divine Obsidian Armor Set - Kindled Passion (Divine Buff)
  • Divine T5 Obsidian Shield - Long Anticipation
  • Divine Ayanad Meadow Scepter
  • Jewelry: Epic Archeum Evernight Necklace (Rank 11), Reforged Dream Ring, Divine Epherium Wave Earing, Celestial Delphinad Wave Earing, Celestial Epherium Life Ring.
  • T5 Celestial Obsidian Bow - Wayfarer's Hymm


  • Assorted undergarments and clothing
  • Gliders: Feathered Hope & Imperial Jade Wings
  • Mounts: Mirage Snowlion (Guild Gear), Racing Zebra, Candy-Fueled Fastropod, Cyanfin, Hooftiger Boar, White Reindeer (Reindeer Gear).
  • Pets: Captured Windlord, Woodland Kitsu (Celestial Conquerer Gear Set), Ale Sprite Amethyst Mini Miner.


  • Vehicles: Chrome Steamfish Submarine, Cogwheel Longboard, Farm Hauler, Armored Steamtank (Honor Version).
  • Lutesong Junk Galleon: Legendary Forsail, Legendary Mainsail, 3 x Legendary Naval Cannons, 2x Legendary Large-Caliber Cannons, 2 x Epic Large-Caliber Cannons, 1 Epic Naval Cannon, Epic Goddess Nui Figurehead, Seastorm Upgraded Compass, Upgraded Sirensong Seabreeze Rudder.
  • Merchant Schooner: Mythic Caernord Zephyr Sail, Legendary Caernord Zephyr Sail, 6 x Crest Packs.
  • Fish-Find Longliner: Divine Sirensong Propellant
  • Harpoon Clipper: Epic Caernord Zephyr Sail, Divine Sea Serpent Propellant.
  • Seaskimmer Speedboat


  • 13.6k Gold / 4 APEX
  • 29 Design Fragments: Growling Yawl (Worth 450g each)
  • Anywhere Warehouse & Personal Permanent Post Parrot
  • Thousands of Gold in Resources and Items: Lucky Sunpoint, Lucid Gale Lunagem: Detsruction, 200+ Dawn Lake Essence, Tons of Lunarite, Oil, Polish, Timespace Scroll Scrap, Archeum Crystal/Shards/Dust, Regrade Scrolls, etc...


  • 160k Fishing Proficiency
  • 130k Commerce Proficiency
  • 132k Exploration


  • 28x28 Island House - Castaway Straight Wayfarer's Island - Plot is on its own island.
  • Tidal Bungalow - Sanddeep


  • Titles: Great White, Desert Fox, Fishing for a Compliment, Crimson Watch, Outlaw of the High Seas, Discriminating Tastes.


At this point, I am looking to trade for Star Citizen items. PM if you would like more information or discuss a trade offer.

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