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Flash the BIOS on your RX480 and get an RX580

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Pretty much what I did with my R9-290. Upgraded the firmware to a R9-390 (with some modifications to account for the RAM).

Not a huge difference but it does work. I do get some finny "glitches" sometimes where my screen goes blank when I launch a game, maybe once or twice a week. But never crashed or anything while playing a game. Must be close to a year now.

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I did this over 10 years ago.  Radeon boards were binned depending on their manufacturing flaws and sometimes to meet market demand for lower end boards.  

One of the RAM chips fail the memtest?  Block it with firmware and sell it as a 2GB board rather than the 4GB board.  Some of the shaders faulty? Underclock the GPU and close off the faulty shaders and sell it as the lower model.  Ran out of lower model boards?  Take a perfectly fine upper end board and flash it to run as a lower one.

So we would buy these boards and flash different firmware to them and then test them to see if they failed, and flash them again to see what it really was capable of.  My board in particular had memory that would fail when it overheated so I added extra cooling and it was generally acceptable.  Every now and then an extended session of HL2 would turn into rainbows.

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