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Help/Tips on Gundam model kits

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Im new to the Gundam scene and wanted to get into it and get myself my first model. But i dont know what model to get :o

I haven't ever really watched the series or know anything about them (lore wise), so i wouldn't know where to start to search.


I kinda want one that has wings or wing like features, preferably in the 1/100 scale and "affordable" so most likely no better than a Master grade. Mainly i want for it to be aesthetically pleasing has that "Wow" factor lol (as arbitrary as that is).


My current choice is this:

ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam MG 1/100



If you guys know of any other cool looking Gundams/models to keep an eye out for and help steer me in a direction that would be awesome!

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Buy one cheep and on other better one. Build the cheep one first . Once done let glue throughly dry ,then run around the house like a kid with it till you trip when you hit the floor you will automatically  say the words goddam ( Gundam ) that will get into the sprit  of the model


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When I was a kid most instructions were in Japanese. In fact the entire box was. You'll have to really watch the series and know what part goes where, if you're unable to find a video guide

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