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As this position can be seen in all three of the current subdivisions of Professions, I thought it should have it's own tab to deal with commanding multi-crew ships as well as strike groups, squadrons, battle groups and the like. There is plenty to discuss here, and if it comes to larger orgs I am sure this can be considered a profession on its own considering the complexity of managing multiple ships both capital and strike craft and understanding space combat ect. On the smaller side discussing the ability of commanders in ships like the Reclaimer, Starfarrer and even the Constellation would make this a rather larger sub thread if created. There is plenty of theory crafting I have on tactics and abilities.

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This is why Imperium will train together. Even working in an integrated force, commanding a strike force is going to be a bitch. From gung ho hotshots to overly cautious cap ship owners not willing to sacrifice/endanger their ship or even integrating with a ground assault force will likely be a pain and really necessary. However, these events will likely be so much fun that, as long as costs are covered, people will donate their time to participate. 

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