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Ship Loaner Matrix - CIG

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The Ship loaner matrix summed up:

What ship will CIG loan you until your ship is complete or hangar/flight ready.


Source: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/the-ship-loaner-matrix



Greetings Citizens,

We will be updating the Ship Loaner matrix this week in preparation for the upcoming Banu Defender sale. A couple notes on how "ship loaners" work.

  1. The concept of "ship loaners" was introduced to allow players who owned a game package and a single ship to play the game when that ship was unavailable.
  2. The loaners for each ship are not intended to be a 1:1 "best case substitute" for the ship that isn't flight ready. Many choices are made simply for the people with only one ship to have the most rounded gameplay experience available at this time, hence the preponderance of Constellations and Hornets, as those are our "signature" ships.
  3. The SIZE column is a general estimation of it's comparative size, role and capabilities. It is an imperfect attempt to group the tremendous diversity of ships into easily identifiable groups. It is not a literal account of how many seats are in a ship, or a statement about the min/max amount of people it takes to operate the ship.
  4. Due to the current restrictions in Arena Commander, certain ships have a secondary loaner to allow them to play in all game modes i.e. the Freelancer MAX gets a Freelancer for PU and a Hornet for AC.
  5. The most notable changes to this list from previous iterations is the addition of Starfarer and Starfarer Gemini for our largest ships. There are several, smaller alterations as well.

This has been your semi-irregular update of the Ship Loaner Matrix. 


Ship Loaner spreadsheet





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H'uh.. I was wondering why I had access to a Hornet.
Looks like, if I apply the CCU to my Saber, I'd get a Starfarer to mess around with as I wait for my Reclaimer to roll off AEGIS' assembly line. But then, I wouldn't have a saber. which is still pretty nice.

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