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Want to Buy WTB WTT - Vanguard Battlefield Upgrade Kits with LTI, F7A skin, Phoenix upgrade, Glaive LTI, Retaliator and Endeavour modules with LTI, giftable or non giftable

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As per titile, wish to buy or trade, please make offers, thanks.  

Vanguard Battlefield Upgrade Kits with LTI
F7A skin
Phoenix upgrade
Glaive LTI
Retaliator Modules with LTI  
Envdeavour Modules with LTI  

I can pay with paypal, credits, original ships. I can consider buying accounts as well.  

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      Looking to buy either the Base or Bomber.
      Bomber preferred

      Have verified PayPal ready.

      PM your prices.
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      If you want to have a ship that is included in a package of Optane drive, I'm willing to buy the optane. I'm in Canada.
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      In the next couple months we should all be getting our tax returns in America. I've debated back and forth whether to buy new components or get used, and I've decided to get mostly used until the official launch of Star Citizen.
      I guess things I don't need are a case and storage. Everything else from the CPU, Motherboard, RAM, CPU Cooler, PSU, and possibly the video card I would need. If anyone plans on getting rid of anything between January-March, let me know.
      Edit: I'll need to meet SC's minimum system requirements regarding 16gb of RAM and a 4gb GPU
      Also if anyone knows where a good place to get used parts are, that would be great too. I plan on triple 1080p gaming on medium/high settings in SC with these monitors:
      https://pcpartpicker.com/list/8PsmVY    or