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LAST EDIT: 11/Oct/2018

Hi everyone :D/

I mainly have ships/vehicles that are either from lore, concept, development or being re-worked, and I constantly add more to the albums.

NOTE: I've started to keep/restore the albums for ships that are now flyable as I've had a few requests for them. 

Aopoa (Xi'An)


| "Capital" | Khartu-Al | Nox (Skins) | "Oracle" | "Transport" | Volper |



| Avenger: 'Renegade' Stalker Titan Warlock | Eclipse | Gladius: Gladius 'Valiant' | Hammerhead | Idris: (Variants) M  P | Javelin |

| Reclaimer | Redeemer | Retaliator (Modules)Sabre: 'Comet' Raven Sabre | Vanguard: Harbinger HopLite Sentinel Warden | Vulcan |


Argo Astronautics


| MPUV: 1C 1P |

BIRC (Banu)


Consolidated Outland


Mustang: Alpha Beta DeltaGamma Omega 'Vindicator' | Pioneer |

Crusader Industries


| Genesis: 'Starliner' | Hercules 'Starlifter': A2C2M2 | Jupiter | Mercury: 'Star Runner' |



| Buccaneer | Caterpillar: Caterpillar • Pirate | Cutlass: Black Blue Red | Dragonfly (Skins) | Herald | Kracken | Vulture |



| "Blade" | "Glaive" | "Prowler" |




| Endeavor Freelancer: DUR Freelancer MAX MIS | Hull: A B C D E | Prospector |

| Razor: EX  LX  Razor | Reliant: (Variants) Kore Mako Sen Tana | Starfarer: Gemini Starfarer |



| 100 series (Variants) 100i 125a 135c | 300 series: 300i 315p 325a 350r | 600i: Explorer Touring | 85x | 890 Jump  | M50 | 

| X1 series (Variants) Force  VelocityX1 |



| Apollo: Medivac Triage | Aurora: CL ES LN LX MR (Skins) | Bengal | Constellation:  Andromeda Aquila Phoenix Taurus | Lynx |

| Orion | Pegasus | Polaris | Ursa | Zeus |





| Cyclone: AA Cyclone RCRN • TR | Nova |



| "Cleaver" | "Driller" | "Harvester" | "Hunter" | "Kingship" | "Mauler" | "Scythe" | "Stinger" | "Void" |


Ship Components


-------------------------------------------- BONUS --------------------------------------------



First Person Components


Places: Terra


Terra |

Places: Odin


| 1 (The Coil) | 1a (Gainey) | (Archon Station) |

| 2 (Odin II) | 2a (Vili) |

| 3 (Odin III) |

| 4 (Odin IV) |

Places: Stanton


| 1 (Hurston) • [Lorville] | 1a (Ariel) | 1b (Aberdeen) | 1c (Magda) | 1d (Ita) |

| 2 (Crusader) | 2a (Celin) | 2b (Daymar) | 2c (Yela) |

| AB (Arron Halo) | * (Delamar) |

| 3 (ArcCorp) | 3a (Lyria) | 3b (Wala) |

| 4 (Microtech) | 4a (Calliope) | 4b (Clio) | 4c (Euterpe) | 



| Cargo | Land Claiming | Mining | Racing | Sataball | Salvage | UI |

Squadron 42




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2 hours ago, GRIZZ said:

No Gladius album?  Literally un-listenable.  My fav http://imgur.com/Q4zPliC

From this album. http://imgur.com/a/TdM0s

Gladius is finished and can be checked out in game, so he doesnt make albums of those


I only have ships that are either from lore, concept, development or being re-worked, not for ships that are flyable and I do add more to the albums. 


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SHIPS - Aegis Eclipse folder added. Updated the Reclaimer, Terrapin, Aurora, Cutlass, Hull-C, Idris & Bengal folders  
CHARACTERS - Updated the Armor, Uniforms & Clothing, Banu & Vanduul folders. Many of these are concept pictures by CIG character concept artist Jeremiah Lee that he gave to The Base Radio. Some I haven't seen elsewhere.
PLACES - Planetary Environments / Bases folder added. Updated Star Systems folder
WEAPONS - FPS & Ship folders added

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Ships - Anvil Hawk & Aegis Hammerhead folders added. Updated the 600i, Bengal, Carrack, Cyclone, Hull-C, Hurricane, Idris, Merchantman, Mustang, Pioneer, Reclaimer & Terrapin folders
Characters - Updated the Xi'An folder.
First Person Components - Updated the Armour, Uniforms & Clothing, & Tools / Equipment folders
Places - Arron Halo folder added. Updated the Star System Concepts folder


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@Weehamster Can you update the BMM Bazaar photo with this larger sized one please https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dlaNJ

You probably should add it to the defenders art collection too as its in the same photo.

Thank you so mush for creating this list of art.  When I need an image in a hurry during a discussion, its a godsend.

And there is a defender in this photo, but its hard to see https://www.artstation.com/artwork/JQwav

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@Weehamster - I love how you are dedicated to keep your OP as a resource for others up-to-date = NICE JOB :)

Feel Free to pillage any of these threads and more (just do a search under my name and you'll find more) :) + ship threads etc...

Persistent Universe (PU) - Star Citizen - 3.x +

Characters (FPS) - 3.x 

Sandi's Star Citizen Pictures

Aliens (FPS) - 3.x

Hangars - 3.x


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