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Let's see your Mass Effect Characters!

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On 25-3-2017 at 4:25 PM, AstroJak said:

Dan, Where did u get that stylish jacket?




The jacket should be available in your quarters on the Tempest from a terminal there and had 4 casual outfits I could choose from. A shortsleeved AI outfit, longsleeved AI outfit, the leather jacket and a hoodie. :)

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10 hours ago, Fintz said:

Also the pyjak is in deluxe and above.

Yeah, I just checked and this is the extra stuff you get from the Deluxe Edition:



  • Pathfinder casual outfit
  • Scavenger armour
  • Pathfinder Elite weapon set (four)
  • Pet Pyjak (Monkey)
  • Digital soundtrack
  • One multiplayer deluxe launch pack (includes weapons and equipment)


I'm guessing the 'Pathfinder casual outfit' consisted of the leather jacket and the hoodie.

And then there was the preorder bonus which apparently came with the Deep Space Explorer armor, the Gold Nomad skin and some booster packs for multiplayer :)

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      Regular or Hardcore play is preferred, no Casual.
      It’s better to set your membership status to “Redacted”, but it is possible to keep it visible, if you prefer.
      Tasks include:
      Project choosing
      Agent assignment
      Squad forming
      Project monitoring
      Project execution
      Enforcer and Combat Engineer  
      Enforcers and Combat Engineers are highly trained shock troopers that are used by Cerberus to perform all kind of military operations.
      Enforcers and Combat Engineers receive various combat training, including advanced warfare familiarize procedures and aircraft operation.
      Combat Engineers receive additional special training, including advanced aircraft operation and repairing, field medkits usage, explosives usage, etc
      Enforcers are more battle-oriented according to their roles, and Combat Engineers tend to be more support-providing characters, but the difference is primarily a RP choice, since there are no restrictions on gear, at least for now.
      Nobody says that Combat Engineer can’t be a great marksman with a two handed Gatling Gun, and an invaluable Dogfighter, but it’s more expected to see that kind of behavior from Enforcer.
      Enforcers and Combat Engineers start with lowest possible rank of Private, and are promoted after successful operation execution, higher rank means bigger percentage of valuables cost in UEC.
      No requirements as long as you can get the Job done, be it a bounty on your head, or a slaver tattoo on your forehead, we almost always don’t care.
      Casual, Regular or Hardcore play, as you like it.
      Tasks include:
      All kind of Military operations Providing support Working with top tech. Repurposing salvage. Anything to complete the project If you don’t like any of the categories listed, but want to help the cause, apply, there are no limitations.
      Cerberus Network allows you to live a double-life if you keep low profile. You can be a humble merchant, and a fierce Enforcer, spreading the idea of human advancement with your every bullet, when Project Operator calls to you. You can be a good officer of an organization, sharing some valuable info about your rivals, confidentially, to get your profit. You can also be a not-so-good officer which sells his own organization secrets, again, confidentially.  
      Please notice that we only accept English Speaking adults.
      If you are interested, please feel free to browse through our group at RSI:
      We use bots to keep complete anonymity. So please do not hesitate to ask It any questions, all info will be private:

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