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Feedback Wanted need help with my joystick

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Assuming windows PC

If you go to Devices and printers and right click on the controller an open up game controller settings. Here you should see your plugged in controllers hopefully 2 of them double click thier names to get a window with all their buttons and axis. Move the stick around/press buttons and see if it is working/being detected as intended (ie the axis pointer is in the center when rested). 


Side note.... what do you mean when you say the ship is moving

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On 2/16/2017 at 8:57 PM, ltsnowman88 said:

i am new at space sim I have dual logitech extreme 3d pro I have gone thought and calibrated both of them but in game my ship moves with out me doing anything if someone know what i should do i would love the help

Hey, we're running the same stick. Which degree of motion are we talking? If your throttle if set anywhere off of full back, it'll register it as forward but it is very affable as to how far it reads. If you're talking about Yaw and Roll, then it's another issue entirely and I can point you to another source to handle it. The Windows Game Controller settings don't do much in regards to actual calibrations for the stick, you need to get a program called Logitech Profiler for the Extreme 3D Pro.

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In Windows platform, there's a way to re-calibrate your Extreme™ 3D Pro through the Game Controllers Settings section. Here's how:

1. Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sounds > Devices and Printers.
2. Right-click on the Extreme™ 3D Pro.
3. Select "Game Controller Settings".
4. Press and hold CTRL + SHIFT + Left click on "Properties", then you must have this screen 2uV7C8G.png

5. Click on "Calibrate" and follow the on-screen instructions.

Hope this helps!

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