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Saul Bitumen

UEMC United Earth Mining Corporation

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Greetings from UEMC United Earth Mining Corporation We are mining  https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/UEMC

We are very excited to have met and been welcomed by your fine group here at Imperium. Our first and last rules are fun and fun which match up nicely with Imperium. Here is a copy of our latest gazette.



You can contact me here on SCB, Saulbitumen@gmail.com, and our Discord https://discord.gg/TGgVgH2 where we can host any ambassadors as well.



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    • By NemeSys
      My group has reorganized our fleet again since the Anniversary Sale and we have left over credits available.
      - RSI Orion Mining Platform with 6 months insurance, $325 melt value for $275 (I cover PayPal fees).
      - RSI Constellation Aquila with 6 months insurance, $275 melt value for $250 (I cover PayPal fees).
      I am PayPal verified for 15+ years, with multiple trades on SCB, and over 700 positive feedback on eBay. Price is non-negotiable and no trades are accepted. You must be PayPal verified and post a PM notice here prior to messaging me for a purchase. All trades will be conducted via PayPal invoice for everyone's safety and security. I am not offering any other ships/amounts at this time.
      Please note:
      - RSI/CIG only allow gifting/transferring of up to $1000 every 24 hours and this is first come/first serve, so delays are possible, but I will let you know right away if this is the case.
      -  I don't purchase the necessary giftable ship until your order comes through and there is a 24 hour cool down before you can melt it, but this time ticks off simultaneously, so you won't have to wait twice.
      Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
    • By Donut
      Lately I've been digging around at what ships have been designed for, and what players plan on doing with those ships. It has also been brought up that CIG has been re-working ships based on these modular ideas of both the player and what the ship can do or be.
      "As for the lessons learned, the feedback, we learned that you guys are very interest in having modular ships - that was something that was a big take-away from that. You're very interested in being able to swap out the internal components of ships, so rather than just exterior components, being able to say, "hey I want these crew quarters to be 'this' now," so that's something we've been exploring and hopefully we'll have more information on soon."
      "So, if you have an Aegis ship which is supposed to be a mining vessel - well, the Reclaimer is actually not a mining vessel. But, as an example let's assume there was an Aegis ship that was a mining vessel. We would start off with mining equipment as references, and then we'd go ahead and apply the Aegis aesthetic on top of that. So we'd have smooth curves. We'd have like… space shuttling panelling, since that's part of the look for them, and we'd probably have the intakes on the top since that's like an Aegis thing. So, we have style guides which define some of the elements that these ships need to have and that's kind of how we arrive at the look. And we'll do variations of that and pick the coolest one."
      $65 million strech goal:
      After doing such research, I've come to the conclusion that making the Reclaimer a mining ship wouldn't be very hard at all. In fact the arm that stretches out to grab stuff could very well stay attached and all the processes that go into breaking down ships and pieces of stations internally would stay as well. 
      How do you guys feel about the Reclaimer being able to be dual purpose such as mining, too? Personally I love the aspect of it and hope that we can explore additional options with the ship, and maybe even see modular parts go on sale.
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    • By Saul Bitumen
      My fellow miner Rockseeker had a Citizen of the Stars spotlight interview today regarding his creation of the Yela asteroid map. Enjoy!
    • By easto1a
      A quick news bulletin as Development Director for Foundry 42 Frankfurt, Brian Chambers, has just confirmed that mining will be in Star Citizen 3.0.