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Tom Villder

Do the nose lasers of the Vanguard have alternative firing configurations?

Instead of firing all at once, can they be configured to fire in succession? Like the X-wing lasers?

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Obviously this is my own take, as I'm not aware of anything that CIG has said on this matter. But I do suspect that it will be a component that will be upgrade-able, (most likely stock on fighter craft such as hornet, gladiius etc) that may allow you to configure a firing pattern.

Right now it's not possible. And for now it's all conjecture until CIG actually says something about it. Might be a good question to ask in a relevent Dev thread, or in a ATV, RTV, Question for the ? segment (if they ever do that again.)

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Those lasers could have several different modes, singularly firing, fire in pairs, fire all at once, fire as part of an alpha shot.

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      Vanguard Harbinger (melt 280$)
      -> Sell on Ebay