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New to the game.

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Introduce yourself a little. When did you get into Star Citizen, what ships do you own, what do you aspire to do in the universe once the game is released fully?

Also, on the SCB forums you will find a recruitment section, you can browse through different orgs on there if you are looking for one:
(Though I personally recommend Imperium... but I may be biased :P)

No matter what though, welcome to The Base, and Star Citizen!

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    • By Rhaazor
      Hello fellow citizens!
      I'm looking for people who play Star Citizen usually around 16:00 UTC and 4:00 UTC so we can create a small group to play with.
      So if you do play around those times and it doesn't have to be Star Citizen all the time, please contact me so we can start playing!
      Thank you and Happy New Year!
    • By Gallitin
      Anyone can join.
    • By HotSauce

      To find out more visit: http://www.bluehorizon.se/
    • By JansanRuno

      Allied Commanders Council (ACC)

      The Allied Commanders Council (ACC) is a Star Citizen Guild structured to provide a low-stress, friendly environment for citizens to enjoy their time in this amazing new game.

      Within the guild there are divisions to represent various types of activities. Each division will have a commander. It will the responsibility of the division commander to set up the division structure and the rules and guidelines for that division. Each division commander sits on the Commanders Council which is the leadership of the guild.

      Initially there are five divisions:

      A. Science & Technology - this division is for exploration, discovery, and documentation of the SC universe within the game. External to the game this is where those interested in maintaining the guild website, ship design, modifications, CryEngine stuff can work. This division is for explorers

      The leader will be the Science Commander.

      B. Combat Support - this is our para-military division to provide escort missions, guild defense, retaliation and retribution missions, provide combat support to our allied guilds, etc. This is our fighting division.

      The leader will be the Combat Commander.

      C. Trade and Business - our transport, mining, trading, etc division.

      The leader will be the Trade and Business Commander

      D. Back Ops - this is our pirate, smuggling division. Espionage, covert and illicit activities, etc.

      This leader will be the Black Ops Commander

      E. Roleplay - our roleplay division. Those that want to role play can set up their own back stories, general roleplaying activities.

      The leader will be the Roleplay Commander

      The guild will be run by a Command Council which will be the leaders of each division along with the ACC Commander and ACC Vice Commander. While each commander will structure how their division will operate and be organized, each division's plan will be approved by the Command Council so it fits into the overall guild guidelines. The overall guild guidelines will be established by the Command Council once all the positions are filled.

      Members of the guild can be part of more then one division. Within the guild, members are able to tag or untag themselves as part of say Science and Technology and Combat if they want. Or every division.

      This structure provides for a division of the labor in running the guild.

      From the regular member perspective the guild provides all the things you might want to do so you don't have go find another guild if you change your mind if your interests change. You can just work with another division within our guild. Anytime you want.

      We are currently recruiting members AND division commanders.

      Check us out at http://star-citizen-acc.enjin.com