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Recruitment is now open for Oceania based players.

SKY-TEK is intended to provide an umbrella structure covering different play styles and goals, while maintaining a legal approach to all operations. This means that government-sanctioned bounties against “public enemies” and pirates are both legitimate, whereas piracy is not.

SKY-TEK’s primary focus will be “Sec-Ops” (Security Operations), but acknowledges that a broad income base is required for stability and growth. These verticals are intended to work together towards the common goal of lawful profit, and may include sub-operations focused on areas such as:

Salvage, Search, and Rescue
Industry and Manufacturing
Trade and Freight
Exploration and Cartography

For full details of the SKY-TEK charter, visit us at http://skytk.org/sky-tek-charter or see our RSI page https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/SKYTEK

All Members must be over 20 years of age and have a Mature attitude.
Please be aware that we are an Australian based Star Citizen organisation and would prefer if only players from the Oceania region apply for membership. The reason for this is simply to avoid connection issues and lag caused by high-ping.

All members must provide a full API key for vetting upon application. This is non-negotiable.

SKY-TEK maintains Discord and TeamSpeak channels for members. Details will be provided to you once membership has been vetted and accepted.

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Hi, I'm from OCE and interested in getting SC but I'm unsure because of latency issues. Would you be able to answer some questions for me?

What is the average latency you experience in the open universe?

How do I provide a full API key?


I'm keen to play I'm just unsure that the game is at a point where I'm capable of actually playing the majority of the released content. Some insight in this respect would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi ED. (mostly a brief replication of the PM I sent)


As for latency, even given the rough nature of the game the latency for PVE is really good for OCE players. Things like button interactions have a small delay in registering and can get a bit fiddly at times, but once you're in space and fighting vs AI pirates during the missions you can engage with them and everything feels natural - No issues to speak of, good hit reg and evasives work etc. PVP is the complete opposite. I've fought 1v1 with someone in a dogfight for upward of 30mins, my Sabre vs their Cutlass and I did no damage despite seeing constant hit reg on my HUD. I've not seen a ping counter in the open universe (called Crusader in game) but it's pretty clear that for me in NZ I'm looking at around 220 to 240 ping. Some variance from ISPs.


Then there's the Arena Commander mode - again, I have similar struggles in the Spectrum matches (PVP battle royale arenas) but with the right opponents can score kills and have a good time. Ping is still a handicap however. There's also the PVE arena commander, Vanduul Swarm (and upcoming Pirate Swarm) where all those issues disappear.


Public version 2.6 is currently scheduled to be only 1 more day away, I've been testing the pre-release candidate as a subscriber and there's a lot of improvements coming with 2.6 - Introducing the Star Marine module (FPS PVP matches, tho I'm expecting ping issues here too) and the additional PVE Pirate Swarm in Arena Commander module. Crusader gets new ships, a couple new missions and some easter eggs to explore. 


The Tier1 members of SKY-TEK decided now was a good time to reach out to OCE players to see who is interested in playing with a smaller group as opposed to those orgs that already have 700+ members. 2.6 also brings about brand new ship balance and flight mechanics to test, and we can start working together on tactics and have some fun while still testing the game.


As for the API key: I forget as it's not my area of specialisation :) I'll confirm the method with the others and come back to you with the answer.



- OJ

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